1st August Update

August is looking to be a relatively quiet month so far. I've two bookings, my normal o&I position at the end of August and a private affair which I will speak no more of other than to say it'll be an honour.

We're still sorting things out after the hectic month of July here in The Hovel, dry cleaning needs to be put in, laundry done and meals planned for the month. But that's the lot of a sissy maid; facilitate, negotiate and get your hands dirty.

Whilst I've made mention that the Mk2 pink thing wasn't quite right elsewhere the strange thing is I'm not upset by it in the slightest. Nor am I depressed or down about it. These days I'm more more likely to just live & let live, another attempt will be made.

Onward to the Mk3.

Next update as & when something happens.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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