About Me pages are somewhat mandatory these days... well they aren't but seeing as I've put one on every website I've ever setup for myself it'd be rather remiss.

My name is Sarah, or Maid Sarah... or just simply Sissy. I'm a submissive (well slave) and involved in a female led D/s relationship with my partner, Mistress Christina. I'm a service submissive, basically I love running around doing Her bidding and making sure She is having a good time. So that plus my love of a certain type of clothing.... I'm a sissy maid.

And I LOVE IT! I always have. From the swish of my petticoats to the clicking of my heels and the collar around my neck I love it. Ok, I'm not always wearing a pretty dress as much as I love them they are kind of impractical for actually working, so more often than not they're kept for special occasions or when all of the days chores have been dealt with. instead I wear... pretty much what a waitress or member of the housekeeping staff at a good restaurant/hotel would wear. A black cotton dress with an apron. Apparently I look very smart in my domestic uniform; which makes me happy as I like to make a good impression.

I do all the things you'd expect of a maid: I cook, I clean, I do the laundry and the dishes, I iron and put away the laundry and I always try to do all of it exactly how my Owner wishes.

It's not that she'll "flay the skin off my backside" or the like if I don't quite manage to meet her expectations it's that I'll feel really bad. I cry. I'll try again and work harder at it. Only very rarely does Mistress need to use the stick instead of the carrot.

I'm a bit of a broken toy in that regards, Mistress isn't my first owner but those that came before were not gentle, or kind or all that caring about me; I realise this is for some the fantasy but for me... well I'm a maid, I serve, a bit of mutual respect is good.

Beyond that I'm also Her Personal Assistant, so I'm juggling appointments, schedules and the like so that She can do less of the boring stuff and more of the fun stuff; doesn't always work out that way but at least Mistress can always see where she is supposed to be even if she decides to not be there.

I'm not always the sharpest tool in the shed and I do like an argument on the Internet; usually when bored. But beyond that I'm quite personable, happy to talk about a lot of different things.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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