Centurion Publishing's Forced Womanhood - Volume 1

Hold on a second, I hear you cry, Sarah this here blog is supposed to be all factual and talky! Why on earth are you writing about a Tranny jazz mag from the late 1990's?

Well, the reason is this image right here, right here on page 4. The cough blurb reads:

Dear Forced Womanhood,

I love dressing in sissy dresses with lots of frills and lace with pretty petticoats. I have all the colors of the silk ruffled panties you sell. I love them and sleep in them every night. They are so sexy and comfortable. Why don't you have more sissy stories?

Sissy Betty

And now look at the picture. Does that picture look familiar to you? It certainly does to me, because that picture wasn't, as you'd think from the spelling of colour, taken in America (which is, it should be noted, the only thing about this that makes me salty) but Manchester, England. Nor is the person in it called "Betty", they are called... Sarah.

Yep, this is another instance of someone stealing material from the internet and throwing it in to a jazz mag with some blurb around it to fit everything in to whatever narrative they want to portray.

In this instance that I'm wearing a) wearing an outfit that was brought from the Transformation company and b) was in fact wearing knickers in that picture!

I can't even say, at this point, I'm angry about this; the picture is pushing 20 years old at this point after all. I'm not even particularly upset that my images weren't more prominently used; I've already been a centre-fold (in World of the Male Maid) so no real way to go up from there.

I'm more fascinated by two things. The first is just how far these images of me have traveled and been reused, I've found them on imagefap, flickr, someones avatar on a chat page, Sabre's World of the Male Maid and it turns out their competitor also used one of them as well: I just need to find me in one of the Mrs. Silk mags (Before anyone asks I have it on good authority I'm not, she stopped making new magazines before those images were taken) and I think I've pretty much got the set LOL.

The second thing is something else contained in the pages of these magazines: the cartoon artwork. For years there has been an ever abundant amount of work known as the "Prissy Sissy Captions" and they were always based on very poor quality cartoons with obvious photo manipulation. Well some of the images I saw of these magazines, I went though them to see if I should download any more than volume 1, had full screen, high resolution versions.

So the "Prissy Sissy" stuff originated... from someone scanning in the cartoons and thus ripping off a company that was itself ripping off photos from websites.

I find that fairly humorous. Anyway, a minor and humorous diversion as I prepare for The Boat 22.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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