Club Antichrist - November 2014

Antichrist, like a lot of events that made use of The Collesum venue, has had to find itself a new home. It's done this in incredible style by parking itself firmly at the Electrowrkz venue and taking on all comers! With the event falling on a Friday it meant that my Owner would be coming straight from work and meeting up with me before tootling in to Romford where the last member of our little group was already getting herself ready.

Although I seriously think that heading to Romford on the train rather than Guildford would of been much better... but when I'm told to do something I'll generally consider all options, think of a pointed counter-argument, take a deep breath... then realise it's my Owner saying it and I'm going to Guildford.

With the car parked and unpacked the two of us played a game of catch up as the head of our little household was pretty much ready to go... although it did take a while to get the lippy on as we were all too busy laughing and joking.

For Antichrist my Owner went with an Anime style PVC nurses outfit which if I'm very honest made her look absolutely ravishing. She's had it for a while but between issues with measurements and only recently getting it altered to fit her, it hasn't had very many outings despite rave reviews from everyone who's seen it. Considering we knew nothing about the venue and seating is often at a premium she went with sensible flats, actually all of us went with comfortable shoes or boots and had a wail of a time as our feet weren't falling off.

Originally I'd arranged to go dressed as a Domme, boots, a dress some stern makeup and the like. But the run up to Antichrist had been pretty grim and with the arrival of a brand new dress... yeah, I went as a maid. Funny that! This one was some flavour of satin, high collar and exceptionally shorter than the sort of thing I usually wear! Although everyone has said it looked cute... so I instantly fell in love with it despite my misgivings.


The drive to London happened in a flash, despite it being a Friday night the traffic was remarkably clear although we did have a few wankers who found their driving licenses in the bottom of a pack of rice crispies but other than them... everything was pretty good and we found parking really close to the venue... which made life a lot easier.

The evening really started when we stepped out of the car and on to the street. It's the looks from all the vanilla's as the three of us set course for Electrowerkz, I know some people are all "get back in the closet" and "think of the children" but well... fuck em if you can't take a sissy maid, her Owner and the head of their household going walkies. The queue was nearly non-existent and we walked straight in to the club pausing only to get our tickets checked, grab a sweetie from the lovely ladies offering them (I declined due to corsetry).

The venue is something of a rabbit warren and it was really easy to get lost in the labyrinth of corridors although the place was big. I mean REALLY DAMN BIG. Each floor had something of a theme going, towards the top of the buildings several labels had been stencilled on to the walls along with a few 'Halloween' type things as well ("Zombie's ahead type things") although the stencils made me smile: Dropship bay, Medical bay with Hadley's Hope right under them as far as the building layout went. For those looking confused, the location the movie Aliens takes place is... Hadley's Hope it's the planet that's known as LV-426.

Pretty much everyone was wearing some form of costume be it gothic, cyberpunk, steampunk and everything in-between. I saw one person wearing a stylised (read: short) Japanese Schoolgirl uniform and quite a few people in various forms of lolita outfit (both gothic and sweet).

Everyone complimented me on the dress I was wearing, I did my best to thank them and return the favour but when you're in tow... it's tricky and more than one commented "Ohh wow! It's a sissy maid!" I might of puffed out my chest just a little bit more than normal after all that. Pretty tricky considering the the push-up bra and corset I had on lol!

Not only that but EVERYONE was polite. I mean EVERYONE. The atmosphere was relaxed and informal, everyone could move around for the most part nobody felt cramped. Excellent.

The music was exceptional, as I said different floors had different flavours, so on the ground floor you had 80's & 90's popular music playing fairly quietly so people could socialise as well as a small dungeon for us BDSMers to get our kink on. You had a floor that was seriously heavy industrial gothic music that just made me bounce through the thick clouds (hey, they named it Hadley's Hope... it was thick cloud) and above it you had several live entertainment acts performing.

The first act I saw was a male burlesque act, very good, I quite liked the sparklers they had put on their arms. The second act I caught a chunk of was a band called "File Transfer Protocol" and whilst the music wasn't to my taste... they were VERY good and people seemed to be having a good time.

As my feet were aching nor was I enjoying the act I asked permission to go walkies and was let off my metaphorical leash. I ended up, ironically, sat not too far from my Owner or MzWhipplash in the end happily watching a couple of people playing tabletop football in the corner and having a laugh with them. A somewhat panic'd orbit of the building and I arrived... right back where I started and sat down as my Owner got up to go get food.

I did offer to do it but... hey, I'm a maid and quite used to the idea that sometimes what she really wants is me looking content in a pretty dress keeping our friends company. What she came back with was a mouthwateringly tasty grilled burger! These things were huge, seriously, huge!

Once we'd eaten it both MzWhipplash and my Owner started to get that look about them. It's a look I recognise as "play time". It's good to see my Owner actually strut and use toys, with her life being so hectic she's had very little time to actually enjoy that side of herself. She gets this evil glint in her eye that makes me melt.

Play didn't last too long as my Owner was pretty war weary from work but she learned quite a bit about dressage whips and floggers under MzWhipplash's mentoring, I won't say I wasn't having a good time regardless because hey, I like this stuff :D

At about 3am we decided it was time to leave. All three of us were starting to fade and as we were heading out the next day we thought it wise to get at least some sleep between us.

All in all Antichrist made the perfect start to November for me, it was fun and enjoyable from the moment we stepped through the door until the moment we left to go home.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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