ClubFEM - Kent - January 2015

ClubFEM - Kent - January 2015

Whilst my personal life has been a bit topesy turvey, I was looking forward to ClubFEM. Not only was it the first event of 2015 that I'd be serving at but it's also rather reminiscent of the early days of another event I served at until recently. Basically it's a small event that's trying to grow and both myself and my other half are doing our best to facilitate that.

As is correct and proper the event runner's choice of attire is respected and I do my best to accommodate; 99% of the time this is possible. For this event it'd be black satin with very minor amounts of white trim, although as mine was in need of dry cleaning... I had to borrow one from my partner. No biggie and I'm pretty sure nobody noticed.

I also enjoy ClubFEM because I get to do some cooking. It's nothing major, some savoury nibbles that seem to go down a treat whenever I make them and this time I was going to add some chocolate chip cookies to the mix; I like to do new things and believe it or not I've never made them.

All of this was prepared Wednesday and Thursday, with final checks being made on my packing before the bags were loaded in to the car Thursday night. In a departure from the normal shuffling around on public transport and meeting up at Guildford I spent the day with my Owner puttering around towards Romford from office to office. It worked quite well and it meant that once she'd finished for the day we could just head straight to the mid-point and get ready.

Issues started early on as my Owner was still feeling rough from a lovely little cold she'd picked up the previous week and had eaten something that was really disagreeing with her, nothing violent or explosive but she wasn't on top form. So instead of her getting changed it ended up with just me being laced in to a corset and shoved in my usual black satin dress and she was going to hide in the corner wearing casual clothes making the music work.

Things became a little... hectic but we arrived in time, traffic really was not on our side I'll say that much, but we were there and I was in the kitchen area sorting things out whilst Tina got her equipment unpacked and pointing in the right direction.

Everything seemed to run fairly smoothly, those that wanted food were provided with it and I made sure that my Owner was looked after; as with most clubs the DJ booth is somewhat isolated so it's hard for someone working there to just trundle over and grab something.

Whilst most of it took place in the dungeon area, it seemed that people had a good time both playing and socialising although I think XanderBear ended up being overworked as far as his camera went and cough I'm not the most photogenic of people but if someone is waving a camera I'm so there; he did take some absolutely jaw droopingly good shots though.

Both myself and the house slave I work with, did our best to circulate with food (both hot & cold) although most people had already eaten; it happens. Although I was quietly quite proud that my first attempt at cookies was such a hit that TheKinkyChap, someone who doesn't actually normally like such things, was asking for seconds! Kick ass! And I sent a Damien off with all of my scones as he hadn't eaten anything and wanted something to nibble on as he made his way home; I bumped in to him at another venue a while later and he said they made the difference so... I done good. :D

At people started to leave I began quietly breaking down, nothing major nor obvious unless you were watching but if nobody wants coffee... might as well get the machine cooled down and ready to go back in the car right? This little bit of prep meant that when 3am rolled around and we officially closed that I could get everything loaded and my Owner in to bed sooner rather than later.

It was a good night, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I took away a few bits and pieces I can work in to the next event. Hopefully the March event will be even bigger and better :)

Sissy Maid Sarah

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