ClubFEM - March 2015 - Coffee, Kink and Cookies (lots and lots of cookies)

ClubFEM is quite an interesting event, yep I'm staff, yep it's run by a good friend and yep my Owner is the resident DJ. It's also one of the very few events I do the catering for which makes it something of an interesting curio of my calendar as whilst usually preparing for an event takes a day at most... with ClubFEM it's a rolling background task that leads up to a weeks worth of activity.

Back in January, when the baton of catering was passed to me, I set about overhauling and upgrading how things happened backstage. If we were going to be serving food then it made sense that our guests would need something to eat on and with, if we were going to be serving hot food then I needed some way to get that food to the event. I also wanted to cut down on how long it would take me to get set-up and ready to roll... fewer trips between the event and 'Bismarck' means I spend more time setting up.

So... after a bit of research and looking at other events that I work at for inspiration we settled on a 'Norwiegen', a huge green, ex-Army, hot/cold box as our main transporter of food that we nicknamed Sven. It can carry the quantities we need and on its first outing, only half full, kept stuff warm for well over 8 hours (about 12) not hot... but I'm still impressed.

Next up was crockery and I pushed a virtual cart around a catering suppliers carefully figuring out what I wanted, how I wanted it to look and how many other things could I use the same stuff for? In the end I ordered a box of oval plates and two boxes of soup bowls with enough spoons for one each. They looked pretty swanky if I do say so myself.

Because of our misspent youth both myself and my Owner had a rousing game of Tetris fitting all of this in to the packing crate we'd decided to use for the club. Surprisingly everything fitted with a bit of room to spare for the jar I keep the ground coffee in, some decaf, tea bags and all the other assorted stuff that I use behind the scenes to keep things rolling.

All pretty sweet so what did I end up using all of this stuff for? My cookies have become something quite talked about, so two batches of the tray baked lovelies, alongside two different types of savory scone, two types of muffin and a few loaves of home made bread. We also went with a tomato soup, most people like it and you can usually find one that's fairly chunky and filling.

Of course sorting all of this out did mean I spent literally all of Thursday in the kitchen with the ovens running for about 12 hours in total. I was pretty much beaten by the end of it and ached all over on the other hand I had cooked a metric ton of food for people, it all smelt good and my Owner performed quality control on all of it. Everything passed... and then I passed out with a big cheesy grin on my face.

Friday started off with some outright abuse of both the shower and the hot water tank before heading off to the hair dressers; both of us needed a trim and I've kind of picked up this strange hair style that everyone, including me likes and any excuse to put on a show is a good one as far as I'm concerned. As an aside I've always found it weird washing your hair before going to get it cut, perhaps its one of those oddities I pick up on because I've experienced it both ways, because the first thing they do? Wash it.

Anyway with the deeper mysteries of female hair care still firmly a mystery we headed home, loaded up the car and set off towards the wilds of Essex where we'd get changed and head over to the venue with MzWhipplash.

The drive up, despite it being a Friday afternoon/evening, was actually fairly easy going and even Dartford wasn't the usual pit of despair and misery that every commuter around London 'loves', so we were... in some respects running on schedule.

It was good to be amongst family again, although despite the pleasant conversation sooner or later the two of us had to get ready to depart. So it was out of the skirt and blouse I'd been wearing and in to a black satin Sissy Maid outfit, tights were swapped for stockings, whilst I was busy doing this my Owner changed in an Anime style PVC nurses outfit (it'd later turn out this was to be this outfits final outing) and emptying her handbag so only the bare essentials went with her (for those wondering I've a little bag hidden under the dress I use for cargo).

With the car loaded and the three of us ready we set off for the wilds of Kent, rocketing back over the Dartford Crossing and towards the DV8 venue where ClubFEM is hosted.

Our plans worked a treat and whilst, I still need to refine things further, by the time the first of our guests arrived I was pretty much ready to go as was my Owner busy working the DJ booth to provide tonights musical entertainment.

The night progressed really quite well I thought, there was some confusion about what was available and I'm going to do my best to rectify that now that the running orders and quantities of what people like (and don't) are resolved. So from here on in you'll find a nice menu available.

I did my best to keep on top of clearing tables of empties and socialise so I could make sure everyone had what they needed and supply it if they didn't and from the feedback people were giving everything was as good as hoped. At least the soup went down well once people realised it wasn't on the "help yourself" table we'd set-up. As I said it was my first time making a batch that large, I learned a lot from it so, as with everything, next time it'll be even better!

As 3am approached people started to filter away, winding their way home and I took the opportunity to start packing away things and tidying up after myself; I might be a bit chaotic at times but we do like to leave a place as we find it... even if the in-between bit is rather messy.

By the time I crawled in to my sleeping bag back in Romford I was, to say the least, flying on fumes although I had a good time and I hope all of our guests did as well.

The next event is going to be a blast and planning is well underway to make sure a whole bunch of kinky fun in the sun happens.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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