ClubFEM - October 2014

ClubFEM has restarted! Having found itself a new venue in the wilds of Kent. Whilst I'd heard a lot about their play kit I've never had the pleasure to visit the DV8 venue before now.

MzWhipplash had wanted myself serving and my Owner providing a live DJ performance and as per usual was graciously hosting us at her house, so we set off to Kent from Romford with the Bismark packed to the seams with stuff and myself already in the required outfit. After all the planning and preparation that had happened it felt good that we were on our way in to Kent; although I did have some stage fright but "sparkles and happy thoughts" lol

Although getting their was something of a challenge as on leave Romford we ended stuck in a 6 mile tailback. Whilst annoying in and of itself the knock on effect was my prep time dropped from an hour to ooohhhh 15min or so? I was less than impressed with the selection of weather available; ranging from 'torrential down pour' to 'fist of any angry god'... which really didn't help although the light show it provided during our trip was most welcome.

First time at the venue although I've heard about the location from the other events that regularly take place there. Inside the main building feels very once you get inside and with the log burning stoves going the place was both warm and had this curious 'kinky rustic' feeling to it.

I can see why it's a popular choice of venue for organisers in the kent area, just that right balance of social and play; there were more intimate facilities upstairs but I honestly didn't go up there (even before doors open) until after everyone had gone.

Still considering the curtailed setup time, my lack of familiarity with the place (where things are, what can I use, etc.) did slow me down a tad BUT I think we were largely ready to go by the time the first people came through the door... at least nothing obvious wasn't ready and I busied myself in the kitchen area finishing off.

One of the firsts that I found quite curious was Tim, the ClubFEM House slave. I've seen house slaves at Pedestal but I've never worked with one or had the opportunity to poke at one so it was rather a learning experience for me; where in the grand order of things did he come? I know that with another maid serving I'm the one setting the tempo but Tim's not a maid so... yeah. In the end I took a good long look at what he was doing and figured he was a housemaid, junior. Problem solved, I outrank him, therefor I'm the one in charge... wait... since when did I become a responsible adult? DAMN IT! lol

It was interesting to chat to him during our downtime as one of the topics we touched on was protocol; maids curtsey and butlers bow, what do house slaves do? Seemed it was a much more relaxed on such things, although they mostly have to sit/kneel on the floor.

Mind numbingly boring to most people I'm sure, but when you put service subs together they'll start talking about such things. Learned a lot of interesting stuff and hopefully he did likewise :)

My Owner was busy behind the controls in the DJ booth providing people with live music, I freely admit I've no idea what all of the flashing buttons do just that 'they're doing stuff'. It's really nice to see her perform and she was able to pretty much match the mood of the club with her endeavours playing everything from Jpop through to Prodigy with gusto. Despite a few glitches, such as discovering she was a little too hot in her outfit (the venue was lovely and warm thanks to the log stoves) she helped everyone have a good night.

Both myself and Tim did our bests to keep her stocked with drinks and munchies throughout the night and whilst stressful, it was awesome to see her strut as people thanked her for the entertainment.

With people in the night started to take on a flavour. Lots of socialising and friends catching up with each other and a a lot of play. Honestly it felt right for the night as people had fun whilst a storm howl'd outside (and impressively so on a few occasions).

It was also the first time a lot of people had seen me serve in the full regalia, usually people request I wear my day uniform; it better fits the look they want than a sissy maid does. But MzWhipplash wanted the works, exactly as I serve when accompanying her to Pedastal. So black satin, white trim you know the drill. I was planning on wearing heels and swapping to my flats if I needed to... but ended up wearing sensible shoes the whole evening shrug probably for the best as I was on my feet quite a lot.

I wasn't surprised that the most requested drink was coffee, although the two nice ladies were. I guess I'm just used to being around people who more want to play than party but everywhere I go I see more people with mugs in their hands than I do anything else. Now, technically I wasn't supposed to run around with those hot drinks, but a lot of the time I ended up trotting around bringing people their drinks. I think it added something special to the atmosphere and I really enjoyed serving, although I did have the advantage that I knew most of the people there.

For a night of firsts I think everything went well the important part is that all the guests had a good time and that seems to be the consensus from those that attended. We learned a lot about simplifying how we go about the behind the scenes stuff; so an excellent first night and we're making sure the next one in January is even better.

Disassembling our stuff and repacking the car was done in the dry... it was wet out but just not falling from the skies. Although it soon noticed me running around outside and started up again and as I was a bit tired of being a drowned rat this round of packing took place with a little less attention to detail than the first. lol I should remember that it's October and I REALLY should have the cloak with me, would of saved a lot of drying out.

With the trip back to Romford over in a blur we unpacked the things we needed for the morning (kettle) and the things that should really be in the fridge then pretty much fell in to my sleeping back and started snoring.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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