o&I - November 2014 - A Grand Day Off.

The sun was climbing and the fog heavy as we set off from Portsmouth heading towards the M25 and Romford. We'd decided that a rough schedule would be (hey, I like this writing malarky makes it sound like I had a choice):

8am - Wake, shower, shave, flask and grabbbing anything that was in the dryer that we needed.
9am - Depart.
11am - Arrive Romford
12 - 12:30 depart Romford bound for Kent.

You know? We actually managed to make that happen, at 11am we were parked in a Tesco car park putting more fuel in the car, looking forward to our day off and seeing friends again.

MzWhipplash was already up, about, fully caffeinated and actually ready to head out the door... so yeah, all three of us were looking forward to this. I quickly started getting ready and then ran in to a few issues. Lacing your own corset and putting on shoes that have twee little straps on them when you're in a corset is actually a royal pain in the arse!

I was kind of grateful that I'd brought the original Mrs. Silk uniform with me as I found a few things I needed to use instead of the Mk2. Petticoats being one (I've black, I've some cheap net ones for a riding outfit, I've very short white puffy ones but nothing 'just right') and the bollock bag being the other. The Mk2's is nice and exceptionally well made but... well... yeah.... when 15+ years on Oestrogen and Antiandrogens you have been shrinkage there will be. Simply put one can draw tighter than the other.

But beyond that the dress, apron, cap & gloves (basically the stuff that is visible) was all Mk2. Yes, there were some very minor issues with it but honestly? Good enough for what was needed and sometime next year when a black & white version is made it'll be even better.

For warmth I went with a heavy wool cloak that my Owner had made a while ago. It's awesome and warm and we've used it as a blanky before now to great effect. It also doesn't crush your petticoats like a coat does.

So with my Owner in a wonderful green silk cheongsam, MzWhipplash in her black & red dress with a wonderful little red hat/fascinator and myself in a pink & white sissy maid outfit all piled in to Bismarck and set off for Kent.

With the changes to the Dartford crossing in effect it was actually easier for us to get across than when the DART Tag was in use (we've been going in the depths of Essex for years and doing London based clubs so it made sense to get one) although all three of us were curious why the tag beeped and was being scanned... but no payment was being taken... or was it? Who knows?!!? Certainly not the bloody Dartford crossing website which remained resolutely full of waffle and bollocks on the subject... beyond it was now £2.50 for a car! Bastards.

On the way to Eureka we had a minor incident that ended up with a random person behind us having to give the car a shove, we'd managed to ground it with a wheel in the air backing up to let someone pass on the single track road. Still situation resolved and we arrived at 13:40 or so and found...

EVERYONE WAS THERE ALREADY! We figured that everyone had been worried about the Dartford changes and set off early... sailed right through and decided to get an early start on things :D I can rock that. So began my day off.

It was quite a strange experience, no sweetie tray, no worrying about delivering food and collecting empties, tidying up tables and making sure the hatch was kept stocked with mugs. Instead a more social experience took it's place.

From the outset I had people complimenting both of us on our outfits, a very confused Bexley pondering why I was dressed as a maid on my day off, Scrummyx testing my boobs for comfort (they passed) and basically catching up on all the hugs, gossip and general chit-chat I've missed from people I consider some of my best friends. It was pretty much hug central for the first hour and honestly? I felt kind of guilty when a card was passed over, signed by pretty much everyone, thanking us for our service. I SO wanted to run around with a tray of sweets saying "Thank you" but I hadn't brought any :(

Time flew and at 4:30 we finally noticed the time. Where on Earth did the time go? I'm not sure but it was enjoyably spent. I'd opted for a roast meal... I wasn't THAT impressed if I'm honest, I won't be having another. Now before anyone says anything: Remember WHAT I AM. I'd be not a very good maid if I couldn't cook and cook exceptionally well (I'm figuring out how to do a 'Jupiter' cake) so I can bang out a roast rack of beef with all the trimmings like nobodies business.

But with bellies full and a good friend of MzWhipplash's arrived it was time for play. All four of us went in to the 'couples room' (it's the sign on the door and a D-type leading an s-type is a couple isn't it) and after a bit of negotiating my Owner took charge of one of the beds and MzWhipplash had the spanking bench.

I had to change my normal foot massage technique to accommodate her stockings, she didn't want to remove them so instead of pulling down I had to work down her leg one hand span at a time; different but as I soon had a floaty Domme so I'm assuming this modification worked a treat. Turn about is fair play so she opened with some fairly light sensation play using a set of silver claws.

One floaty maid later and I found those same claws grabbing my ass, then a sudden and enjoyable change of perspective rapidly took place and I ended up face down, ass up and being walloped by a certain fan. Some might go "Oww", others might make pleasant noises, me? I'm a giggler so as she walloped away I filled the room with giggling and laughter.
Her growl of "Stop laughing!" followed by whacking me harder... yeah basically turning the volume up.

With my ass beaten and both of us grinning ear from ear we slowly started to compose ourselves and vacate the bed, where we'd be sat... fully clothed... weirdo's ain't we? :D It took a lot of effort to get back to the stall where we'd been sitting and I admit my legs were perhaps a little more wobbly than I was letting on but I wanted to make sure my other half got herself sat down to recover from the exertion. No sweeties but I did manage to get her drinking some coke, so sugar plus the chicken in the roast meal we ate... should be alright.

I went back to chatting to various people, some of the subjects were quite a blast from the past as we ended up talking about Hades and the Hades:Dark spinoff that was tried, Transgression and where a lot of the events that used Colosseum had gone off to (Fire, Electrowerx, etc.) we even talked about the failed move of Pedestal to the Pasha:London venue; I pointed out that Pasha was closing down 1st September so no matter what happened there was only ever going to be one Pedestal there regardless of numbers.

With my Owner feeling revived and both of us eager to play we head off in search of somewhere. We encountered people enjoying themselves pretty much everywhere but found that the largest of the private rooms was vacant. The one with the pole in it. Yeah... it did prove to be really quite fun and enjoyable, I'd come close and she'd whack me or at least try to grin

I'll admit she hit more than she missed but well she was laughing just as much as I was giggling. This time things were far more intense and she really wasn't holding back, I had to call a pause to proceedings though, basically she was coming in with the fan at just the wrong angle so that it was hitting a boney bit with the corner of the fan... still a quick chat and off she went again.

God my ass hurt. As I write this I've got a lovely crop of bruises and a lot of happy memories YAY!

Although that was it for play for us two, both of us were knackered and thought it best not to go overboard as we'd be leaving at 8pm and needed to be clear headed without wobbly legs and endorphin highs for the drive back to Romford to take MzWhipplash home and then back to Portsmouth.

So it was back to chatting, posting on FetLife and generally enjoying ourselves until it was time to start packing and then potter home.

A very good end to my little endurance run.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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