Detention - April 2015

I've debated writing this for a few days, whilst it's traditional and it helps me process I also temper my desire to communicate with the knowledge that these journals often cause trouble... I'm not sure I totally care about the trouble per say but the drama that goes along with it I can usually do without.

But this was my first Detention, so I should probably write something at least.

Like a few of the events The Firm runs this was a heavily school flavoured event and as with Night of The Cane it was held at The Flying Dutchman in London. As far as venues go this one is actually quite nice, like Antichrist at its new home in Electrowerx, The Flying Dutchman has its own character. I like character. I don't like the stairs but it is a renovated pub and cellars tended to be deep and with short, sharp drops to them for getting barrels of beer in to quickly (interestingly enough the venue still has pipes and connectors for barrels even if it doesn't have taps fitted to the bar... someone is hedging their bets lol).

Whilst I was going to be there as staff my Owner would also be working and had spent most of the previous week beavering away with her laptop making music. I'd love to go in to more details about what she actually did... but it was a screen full of lines and flashing buttons and all I know is I couldn't touch any of it.

As it would just be the two of us there we would be going from Hampshire to London and winding our way back home all in one hit, it was handy that my Owner would be using prerecorded music rather than having to be on her feet for the whole six hours. Of course, making sure I show up ready to roll and not really knowing how long we'd have to get stuff ready when onsite both of us elected to leave in our respective outfits.

It was fun wandering around London looking for a parking space, there were several but 'Bismarck' is huge (like Xbox) so most spaces other cars could kind of shimmy in to... won't accept an estate car. Eventually we found one nearby, parked up and hauled everything over to The Flying Dutchman, where the bar staff let us in and told us that we were the first to arrive... this wasn't actually a great surprise and I'm used to being the first on site.

Mistress took the opportunity to get her gear set up and ready whilst I helped pack and unpack the various bits of cable, computer and weird thing with twiddly bits she needed. When Ishmael arrived I pitched in and sorted out hanging decorations; unlike Night of the Cane I didn't have to set up the classroom downstairs. This had already been done ahead of time by the owner of the venue, I won't ask questions about why or what but it was nice not to have too haul desks down the stairs (or back up at the end of it).

Eventually I asked where the other maids where and received a bit of a shock. Single crew. I'm not saying there was more work than I could deal with, far from it, just that it'd of been nice to know before the doors opened. But it was a relatively quiet affair, lots of time to socialise and get to know people and generally potter around keeping an eye on things 'just in case'.

Eventually I popped open the Norwiegens (theirs not mine) and started serving a school meal, nothing to fancy and I didn't have any myself (long story short: mashed potatoes make me gag) but people seemed to be 'Ok' with the food and I had a laugh with one of the regulars to The Firm events.

As is something of a tradition everyone left about 30 - 40 min before we were due to close down, so it made things quite simple and quick: pack everything down, get it all back to where it came from, leave.

Nothing really major happened, I had a good time and yeah, it was quite a fun night.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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