Devotion - June 2017

Yep, I'm back in West Brom and we're making our yearly pilgrimage to Devotion, one of the better FemDomme clubs we've experienced. Whilst this time we'd be attending without MzWhipplash I was most certainly with my Owner and spent a fair old while figuring out what I wanted to bring, what I was allowed to bring and what I was told to bring... just because I want something doesn't mean I'm going to get it.

As I'd worn the black satin the previous weekend... when the sun was out and the heat was on, we figure it really would need to go through the dry cleaners. Whilst I did have plenty of time to get this done we also realised that their are plenty of other dresses in the wardrobe we can use. I offered the 'Anime' style outfit I picked up a few years ago... then it was decided I'd wear the red and black PVC. Not really dragged it out for quite a while (I think the last time I wore it was when Colosseum was open).

Packing was actually a breeze, throw it all in the black bag of doom and load the car up Friday night, that way after Tina had finished at the radio station it was just a case of unloading unneeded things rather than having to totally swap the car around; the advantage of an estate style one over something 'sensible' I guess.

For the trip up my instructions were "Wear something comfortable", as the full regalia was deemed "uncomfortable" (I've zero idea why) I went with the usual Domestic style outfit (partly because fuck it, partly I wanted to and partly fuck the DUP and their anti-GLBT agenda having anything to do with mainland politics). The drive up to West Bromwich was fairly uneventful, we just followed the satnav until we appeared next to the hotel, parked up and checked in.

Whilst Tina was downstairs grabbing the final few things from the car and sorting out what the ticket she needed for the car park entailed (it was a sign we saw on the lift) I started unpacking, getting things hung up, toiletries in the bathroom and the like. Basically everything you'd assume a maid would get up to making its Owner/employers life easier.

Unfortunately... that's pretty much the end of anything I can say about Devotion. A very (and I do mean VERY) good friend had... shall we say something of a personal problem that all hit home Saturday night, which rather refocused me from 'good times' to 'get ready to haul ass'. So instead of actually going to Devotion this year, I spent it sat in the hotel room on suicide watch whilst my partner was the one to actually go. My reasoning being as Devotion has a strict no cameras/no phones policy one of us had to stay out of the club to keep communication lines open, if we were needed they could go get the other one and get everything packed ready to check-out in a hurry in the mean time. As I was already not in the mood to go and can grunt through packing quickly...

Fortunately things didn't quite go as pear shaped as feared but well that's hindsight for you, at the time I couldn't just say "fuck it" could I?

Well hopefully next years pilgrimage goes slightly more to plan, here's hoping :)

See you next year Birmingham.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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