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Events I serve at:

The Boat (London, UK)

The Boat is just that, a cruise of the river Thames in London with kink and maids serving canapés, equipment for us and a wonderful summer event; or so I hear. Happens once every year, usually in early July and 2014 will be my first year serving onboard. Hopefully I'll be there for 2015.

Night of The Cane (London, UK)

This is the newest event I've been invited to serve at as one of the house maids. It's another one of The Firm's events so I'm expecting good things. As with The Boat it seems to be a yearly event so hopefully 2014 will be the first one of many in my callender.

Burns Night (London, UK)

A small gathering of kinky people run by The Firm, it's mainly about the meal with a fair amount of socialising and a modicum of play afterwards. A very enjoyable night.

Events I attend

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