Events I serve/help out at:

The Firm,

To quote their own website The Firm are:

We are a politico-criminal organisation* dedicated to the proliferation of SM in all it's safe, sane and consensual forms.

* well, in some countries where SM is illegal and they haven't heard of us.

Yeah that's "The Firm" a long running group of people who put on some of the most off-the-wall events on the London calendar that attract people from far and wide. Always slightly tongue in cheeky, never quite as serious as they're making out and very not sensible... at all... no that would never do. The Firm's current yearly run of events is:

Burns Night

Burns Night flyer from 2017 Currently held in Central Station this event answers the question of what happens when you meld a sit down three (five technically) course meal with a BDSM event. The answer is surprisingly good with excellent food prepared by Central Stations chef and ably served by their staff... with The Firm's maids bringing up the rear.

This is also one of the smallest of the current events as spaces are quite limited and tickets go quick!

The Boat

The Boat 24 (July 1st 2017) flyer Every year a merry band of pirates set off down the river Thames for a night of partying. From 9pm until 2pm we ply the famous waterway taking in world renowned landmarks accompanied by the music of our two DJ's and our kinky guests in full flight. With hot and cooled buffet and maids running around with trays of delights for your enjoyment it's definitely not one to miss off your calendar.

Night of The Cane

Night of the Cane flyer from 2016 A celebration of S&M with a school themed line in play. Whilst currently seeking a new home this is always a fun one when it can find a place to land and set up shop for the night (or in the case of the last few years Sunday afternoon).

Events I go to for fun:


Held pretty much four times a year this is the Midlands premiere FemmDomme event held at the Xtasia Club in West Bromwich. People travel from all over the country to attend the events and enjoy the spectacle of the sissy focused event. I generally only attend once a year due to the distance involved something I'm going to keep trying to change.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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