February 2015 - Update

Well, with the private party tucked away that is actually my February 2015 all done. It feels very odd as usually I'm a bit busier when it comes to the scene, still at least I can focus on other projects more close to home (such as this blog amongst others).

We've already got most of the year already figured out as far as the "big" ones go. For every event that happens on a Thursday or Friday we always need to figure out if we're going to need to book days off and such; if any great distance is involved then we also need to figure out if we'll need a hotel for the night.

We've worked out that Pedestal and ClubFEM are forming the skeleton of events for us this year with things like The Boat, Night of The Cane and such being worked in as and when needed as they, more often than not, either take place on a weekend OR are followed by a bank holiday and thus can be attended quite easily.

Hopefully in June I'll be attended the Devotion event in Birmingham, it's one of those things which is billed as the Pedestal of the Midlands but tends to be a much smaller event when it comes to the number of people going there (it's a smaller venue). It's also an event I've heard mentioned in the sissy maid scene quite a lot; I once complained or more accurately pointed out that you always see the same faces in uniform where ever you go... in essence far more people say stuff online than actually go out there and do it (even when 'it' is just going to a BDSM club and getting changed in to uniform there).

I was told quite a few times that Devotion had at least 50 maids all serving their Owners. I'm wagering it's 2 - 3 maids, probably in scruffy uniforms.

So if everything goes to plan and finances allow... we'll see who's right won't we?

As far as other projects go... I don't think visitors to this website will really notice much beyond a extra posts going up, much of what I need to do is irksome behind the scenes stuff (software updates and the like) but hopefully an influx of content will make a nice change of pace :)

Sissy Maid Sarah

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