First December Update

December is looking to be a quiet month and whilst normally I'm a bit "Awwww" about that... after the hectic November schedule I'm rather grateful for the time to just putter around and catch up on things.

So far the only two bookings are my usual position at o&I and a New Years Eve party with friends, cocktails will be flowing so you can probably guess the crowd I'll be with if you know me.

I'll be spending Christmas in a hotel with the decision making unit and having my traditional roast meal in a hotel so a literal day off from stuff ahoy!

One little challenge that's crawled out the woodwork is baking a spherical, layered cake. It's neither urgent nor a confirmed thing but I'm quietly looking at what equipment I'm going to need (if any) and how to go about assembling it.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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