January update

December was a bit of a... well depressing time really and it left everyone in the household feeling a little bit depressed, drained and generally taken advantage of.

This is why there won't be any more o&I journals. I've heard that the rumour mill is already hard at work suggesting that either we've been banned from site OR that we've quit (be it that venue or maiding in general).

This is a little shocking but also unsurprising, people will make up whatever stories fits with their personal narrative of events; I do it and so does every other human.

Outright truth is: o&I fired the maid service for reasons which change depending on who he's talking to.

Unfortunately the depression and general air of "Meh" that surrounded the three of us is one of the reasons I've been a little reticent to write journals about ClubFEM and the wonderful New Years Eve party I served at; I write from the heart and I'm my own worst editor. So if I'm feeling down, despite having a good time, this will come across in my writing... and the last thing I'd want people to get is the impression I didn't enjoy myself.

I mean if I didn't enjoy this I wouldn't actually do it would I?

January is now firmly out of the way, I'm starting to get my mojo back and whilst the loss of o&I and all the wonderful people I served there is still hanging around I'm looking forward to the coming months.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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