Live-in Maid Position - The finale

As I posted in June I was, graciously, allowed by my Owner to apply for a position in London as a live-in maid for Mrs. Silk. Something of an eye opener all things considered when I saw it flash past in the various mail shots that the people running the website do. Still a job is a job, it gets me out the house and might help my Owner in the long run so it's worth a punt.

Two positions were advertised, one in London and one apparently in New York naturally I went with the UK based one as it seemed logical and whilst having a valid UK passport I figured nobody would want to deal with work permits and stuff. So I sent a copy of my CV and a covering letter on the 31st March 2014:

Hello Ma’am,

I would like to be considered for the advertised position and have included a copy of my most recent C.V. for you. I should however point out that I am a collared slave and should you wish to employ me in the indicated capacity it would require a degree of negotiation with Her. It is with Her permission that I was able to send this application.

If this is not acceptable I apologise for taking up your time and wish you a good day.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.



Which is all above board, honest and to the point. I'm not attempting to open a discussion, I'm not trying to "get something for nothing", she wanted CV's from maids and a covering letter that stated "why you thought you had what it took to serve". The "Why" I answered with the simple statement that I'm someones property (and the CV clearly indicates this is as a maid).

On the 3rd June 2014 I received this response.

Dear Sissy,

What an amazing cv you have. You are obviously used to life in a
household. I am trying to remember you from the tea party but must confess I can't quite place you. I don't have any of my magazines here but I have asked Jane as well. I am delighted to put you through to the second phase of my interview process where Mistress Kaisha (who will be at my London home when I am not in residence) and myself go through the applications again. As I am sure you will understand this is a laborious process but you stuck out immediately. I had 67 cv's sent in for London and over 100 for the USA. Some can be discarded almost immediately as time wasters but to get the right staff you need to do your homework !!`

In your cv it says relocation is negotiable. If you were to be offered the London position there is always a 3 month trial period so everyone can then discuss how they feel. All food is paid for and the property is in Chelsea, just round the corner from Sloane square so initially travel may be an option.

I shall be in touch and we'll done with what I consider one of the best CV's I have ever seen

Kindest Regards

Mrs Silk

and sent this back straight away

Hello Ma’am,

Thank you very much for your kind words and I’m honoured to be in the running. Jane may not remember me, it has been many years since we last talked and hopefully if I’m successful in obtaining this position it will allow me the opportunity to rejuvenate my friendship with her; I have missed her counsel over the years.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.



Which is very true, I was very honoured to receive her praise for the document I sent and what it represents (It's either another maid or a Dominant writing the response so I'll take the ego stroke). I did want the position (for reasons) and I was looking forward to bumping in to an old friend as at the very least we'd be able to say "Hi", clear the air if it needed clearing (it probably does, again for reasons) and I'd feel much happier about life in general accomplishing that.

I also declined to comment on her not remembering either the Maids Tea Party or the Christmas bash because a) they where many years ago and after 'the incident' any mention of them was removed from the website and more importantly b) I'm fully aware I'm not talking to The Mistress, I'm talking to someone who brought the business and only has limited information to hand.

So I think in this instance playing dumb was a good plan.

That's the last I heard through e-mail, everything else I've read has been included in those mail shots... the "milking letters", aimed at a very different demographic to myself but if it keeps people happy and paying then so be it.

Because I wanted to clarify certain things I sent a very quick, but polite message on the 16th June 2014:


Please forgive the intrusion as I am sure you are very busy dealing with the sheer quantity of applicants for the New York position. I have discussed this matter at great length with my Owner since you indicated I was potentially in-line for an interview and I would like, if possible, to amend the C.V. I sent you.

The amendments are:

Relocation: Yes. (changed from Negotiable).

Phone: 00000000000 (not present in original documentation).

I have also secured a letter of recommendation from my current Owner should you wish to see it if I am summoned for an interview. Whilst I do hold a current and valid UK passport my preference would be to remain in the United Kingdom.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.



The mail shot on the 19th June 2014 had this chunk of text in it.

I am finally getting down to my last 10 potential house maids. I aim to interview them after the week of the 4th July. You will all be kept posted of the dates for the interviews. Please make sure that you are available for the dates specified. My travel plans are very tight due to the 4th July holidays in the USA.

It's now 12th July 2014 as I type this up and I'll leave it a bit longer until I post it 'just in case' (Hello, it's now the 26th). That is a week after the 4th July. I've not heard a dickie-bird, nobody has e-mailed me with dates/times of interviews. Nobody has actually appeared on my Skype account (which is unusual in and of itself due to the age of the account and the spammers seeming to find it a lot) nor has my mobile phone rung once (I did put the real number in the message).

So I remain, technically, unemployed. Bollocks. On the other hand I would really like to meet the UK based maid who can beat my CV... it's actually tougher than you'd think.

Or... I've been played, which is more likely the case.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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