London Boat Party 2014

So why am I so excited to be a maid at The Boat Party 2014? I mean I go out and serve a lot so... what's the big deal?

Basically the lovely man who runs it contacted me in 1999 about maiding for his party (possibly the very first one?) and I checked with the person who owned me then and she said "Yes." So I was all happy and bouncy.

Then my life went to absolute shit and my circumstances very rapidly changed from Collared live-in maid to free homeless muppet. So I had no way of telling the guy I wasn't going to be able to make it.

This bugged me!

Because out there that guy thought I was a time waster, someone who talked a good game and then fucked off in to the distance when the it came time to show their faces; like a lot of sissy maids do (and they're bad girls for doing that).

People who know me will agree that I'm reliable, I keep my word and if I say I'll be there then you can damn well garantee I WILL be there!

But I found him on FetLife and sent him a PM that was probably far too long and wordy that basically explained the story and asked if I could be given a second chance.

He said:

** YES!!! **

So I asked my Owner if she was really sure I could do it and she said:

** YES!!! **

So I will finally get to maid at a London Boat Party! This is going to be so kick ass it's unreal!

Sissy Maid Sarah

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