Meeting your Heroes - Part 2 - Transessex

I'd love to say I was stuffed back in to the uniform and accompanied them to TransEssex... and I was kind of tempted to ask because I felt really comfortable that way but couldn't figure out why. Alas it was not to be and I pulled on my skirt like everyone else.

TransEssex was a nice little event that is/was held regularly for the Trans community in Essex. I get the impression its part of a larger organisation due to some of the magazines they have on sale being reasonably high quality for the number of people going... but I've never really thought to ask.

It wasn't my first time going, Irene had taken me before on one of my visits so I knew I'd have to help her set the venue up; basically unpack the tables and chairs. So there we are heaving bits of kit around with Irene barking at me and Jane grinning her head off at it.

As an aside it would be several months later at TransEssex that myself and Mistress Christina would have our first date; she managed to set her hair on fire with a candle and seemed quite upset when I started patting the side of her head to put it out. The more things change the more they stay the same!

As nothing 'special' happened that night some people might wonder why I mention it? It's because I have a tendency to put people on an unassailable pedestal. My Owner in effect becomes my God, they're infallible. It's something that others have taken advantage of but Mistress Christina has been working out of my system. I also tend to do this with people I hold in high regard. Like someone you admire, look up to and think of as a hero.

So I got to see someone who was becoming a good friend letting her hair down and have a good time. Although other than wandering around a bit I have to admit I didn't go dancing I'm not the worlds best and honestly it's just been something I've never really done either pre or post transition.

Not many piccies were taken but here they are:

Sissy Maid Sarah

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