Meeting your Heroes - Part 2 - Irene's Uniform

The First Day.

As Irene's house only had two actual bedrooms and Jane had one and Irene wasn't about to sleep on the floor I was the one sleeping on a foam mattress in the living room. Not the worlds most comfortable thing I admit but... I actually slept like a log; I've always found travelling to be very tiring even if I am sat on the coach/train/passenger seat watching the world go by. So beyond being picked up by Irene I don't remember much of how I got to her place, what happened or indeed how I ended up waking up on that foam mattress. Seriously it's a total blank.

Being stupidly tired meant I somewhat over slept (apparently) and was hurried up to get a shower, get dry, get my makeup on. On my way back down the stairs I did protest slightly but was quickly shot down in flames. They were not in the mood to hear excuses. Putting my make-up on I headed back in to living room and then I realised this wasn't going to be the simple "Put the dress on and I'll take some pictures" affair that we'd discussed. No. This was going to be something quite different.

Outside the living room they were discussing if they should bag me. I noticed several items of cough underwear kicking around. When I tried to offer my opinion on the matter I was summarily ignored. In the end they decided that yes, I was going to be "bagged". Then Irene headed off and locked the front door to make sure I couldn't escape, seriously she used those words! I did jokingly say "Where would I run off too?" but I got a death glare of 'maids should be seen and not heard' for my trouble.

I was ordered to strip and get the bag on, with a finger being pointed at a piece of gold fabric with red trim... and then I was given five minutes to figure it out. Keep in mind that a) this was my first time EVER in uniform b) I'd never had to put a bag on before c) that bell and finally d) the tone of voice used really did suggest non-compliance would be a 'problem' (I don't think they would of done anything bar chastise me but still). With a bit off effort and planning I managed to get the thing from flat in to a pouch and shove that part of myself inside of it; I felt strangely pleased with myself for accomplishing that LOL.

However Jane was less than impressed and marched back in once I'd said I was done. For a few seconds I wondered what was going to happen, I was stood there stark naked except for a small pouch covering my genitals. Finally she commented that I'd do and we carried on; guess I passed inspection... YAY ME! My bra came next after assuring Jane that, yes I did in fact own one and it was sat on the chair. After that she took over.

This is where the fun really began... you see with Jane and Irene basically going Senior Maid and Domme respectivley they were treating me as an errant sissy maid... my natural tendency to submit kicked in.
Aided by the fact that I'd taken my anti-androgens (just before the shower) which tend to make me somewhat docile. It kicked in HARD AND FAST! So when Jane managed to pull me off balance putting the corset on and growled if I moved she was going to turn my arse red, my response was a quiet "Yes, Ma'am".

With my waist suitably crunched they started discussing stockings whilst I stood meekly out of the way, on one hand it was argued that they were hold-ups so I didn't really need a suspender belt. On the other, the argument went, screw it they aren't very good ones... we can ping the straps later if we like. So fiddling around on a chair a pair of stockings went up my legs and a black suspender belt went around my waist. In my own head I was actually happy with this arrangement, I seriously did not want to get on the wrong side of these two and a stocking falling down might of led to places I didn't want to go.

Here's a line of thought, I was very new to the scene and not really that well bonded to my then owner yet... by this point I was pretty much fully engaged in maid space; if 'the worst' had happened would I of started to bond with one of them? Probably and that's quite hilarious... spank my ass and I'm yours LOL, these days I am very happily bonded to my Owner

Petticoats. They're important if you're a sissy maid, they go under your dress and make it fluffy and swish as you walk. I ended up having to lean on Jane's shoulder whilst I stood in them much to her annoyance. They joined the suspender belt around my waist with a minimum of jangling; which for some reason I was really pleased about and quickly put back in my place.

Next came the dress. And yes, Jane made a bit of a fuss taking it off the hanger and feeding it over my head. I got growled at when I tried to put my arms in to the sleeves so passively let Jane do it, I turned around when told and heard the second most wonderful sound in the word; a zip fastening behind me and the dress starting to pull in to shape.

With the dress settled on its fluff of petticoats and Jane satisfied it had been sufficiently settled in to position I was commanded to kneel. With the help of the comb attached to it and a few bobby pins a cap was fastened to my head and once again I was ordered to stand.

My memory goes fuzzy here as I was transfixed by what Jane held in her hands. My apron, white satin with lace trim around the edges. I know it ended up around my waist, with the thick band folded in half and a bow tied behind me. I remember Jane saying "The Mistress likes big bows on her girls" and being turned around and inspected. But honestly? I was just GONE. Seriously, I was in maid space and all that mattered was the two people in the house and making them happy although being referred to as one of Her girls did make me feel exceptionally proud.

"Are we going to lock her in?"
"Well I don't know about that, this is just supposed to be a bit of fun."
"Well the Mistress does it to us so why should she be any different?"
"Good point," at this point Irene handed over a selection of padlocks, "pick on."
Jane picked up a small brass padlock from Irene's palm, then turned to me, "Turn around." It really was NOT a request!

I felt her move my hair and the ribbons from the cap out of the way and then there was a 'click' the ribbons were fussed back in to place and Jane said "Now you can't get it off." I really wanted to say something, ask why I'd ever want to take the dress off but I just quietly nodded in agreement and slipped on a pair of borrowed heels as all I had were flats. That was it.

I was in service as their sissy maid and deep in my happy place.

So it was somewhat hilarious when Jane turned round to call me over, having assumed I'd stay hiding in the room, only to find I'd trotted along after her jingling away happily, I think Irene had to point out to her quietly I wasn't a client and was responding rather more docilely than expected.

First Task: Teach the tweeny to curtsey.

They asked if I knew how to do it and I told them "maybe" so I tried, one foot behind the other, bend knees whilst holding the dress out. Apparently it wasn't bad for a first attempt, which made me blush like crazy. I had a few more goes at it whilst the cameras flashed away and it seems that I was getting better.

Second Task: Standing to attention.

This one was the easiest for me, assume the 'at rest' pose for a maid. Head bowed in respect, feet together and hands resting on apron. Basically the stance I was naturally falling in to when not being told what to do or carrying out instructions. Yes, just like I'd seen my heroes do online.

Third Task: Show that they'd bagged the maid.

This was kind of embarrassing, I was stood with both of them watching me and ordered to life the front of my dress. At first I didn't catch on to what they wanted so I just lifted the hem. That got me growled at and I yanked the front of the dress up until they told me it was enough.

Camera's flashed like crazy this time, I was told The Mistress would love to see this picture. I felt my chest puff out slightly with pride when they said this and called me a good girl.

Fourth & Fifth Task: Serve Tea.

Now I admit this was actually cold and they'd specifically used an old tea pot and mugs that nobody cared about. Which if you think about it is fairly sensible; I was really new to all of this, tripping balls and the last thing anyone wanted was me tripping over and spilling boiling hot liquid over myself or indeed Jane. So I was handed a fairly heavy tray and stood watching as Irene moved a chair in to position and Jane made herself comfortable.

I will admit curtseying whilst holding the tray is not easy, it takes a lot more skill and practise than I had. Still I tried, then kneeled where Jane was pointing and poured a cup of the cold liquid in to her cup.

With the photos out of the way they went back in to Irenes kitchen leaving me with instructions to pack away the tea things and then make a fresh pot. So whilst they were busy chatting I got my maid on and trotted over to the sink to sort out the kettle, clean out the tea pot and get things ready for them.

As nobody had said my name I really wasn't paying any attention to what was being said until I felt a hand move my hair and a voice tell me not to move when I jumped. I put my head down as instructed and stayed perfectly still as two pictures were taken of the padlock.

Tea brewed and served I stood at attention whilst they enjoyed their drink waiting for the next set of instructions... Irene actually brought up how I was standing

The saddest part? Eventually they took the padlock off and unzipped the dress. All I could muster was a solemn whimper... I just wanted to keep serving and wear the nice dress and be a good girl for them. I mean they went to all that effort to get me ready and honestly I was very happy to just be the maid. The most ironic thing is they thought they were taking pity on me by doing so LOL!

All these years later and I STILL whimper when I have to take my uniform off. Even Mistress looks a little sad when I'm sent off by Her to get changed. I really am happier in uniform than I am anything else. A "Natural born servant" (to quote an old friend) indeed!

Of course pictures were taken. Worryingly with three different cameras, my then Owners, their Owners (EEEEP! And yes The Mistress, Mrs. Silk DID see them... I know this, she told me to my face!) and Irene's. I only have one set and at certain points not every camera was in use. The reason why it's a low res picture of Jane fiddling with my stockings is that it was only taken with The Mistresses digital camera (this was the 90's it wasn't a good digital camera compared to anything else in use).

The pictures you've been waiting for, click the thumbnail to go to the Gallery.

After thoughts.

Irene was very correct when she said it was like nothing I'd ever worn before. Tights can be written off as a tight pair of trousers, they cover you from toe to waist. Beyond which side the buttons are on a simple blouse is a plain shirt. A sissy maid uniform resembles none of that. The sensations are all new and can be very overwhelming. Your genitals are covered by the bag, yet you can feel the petticoats swishing on your naked backside. It feels confused and vulnerable, it really does enter your mind that it'd take no effort to lift the back of the dress up and insert something. Similarly for stockings, your really don't notice them until the lace tops start prickling you every so often.

Being put in a sissy maid dress will make you feel something, even if it doesn't make you a docile, eager to please and obedient sissy maid.

This day is one of those 'days of firsts' that occasionally happen. It was my first time in uniform. It was also the first time meeting someone who was a 24/7 live-in maid (on their day off I admit). It was the first time I'd ever been in something approaching a scene and it was the first time I'd experienced something that could be described as "Forced Fem". I made a lot of discoveries about myself, in fact as a final first... this is the first time anyone (including me) had seen 'Sissy'.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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