Meeting your Heroes - Part 3 - The Way Out Club

The Second Day

I've been to the Way Out Club a few times and honestly it was not the sort of place I enjoy going. I... look I'll be honest, trying to go to the toilet and having people fucking each other in them is a pain. It got so bad that at one point I was trying to get in to a cubicle and the door was bowing back and forth. I'm also the sort of person who sits down to pee despite being pre-Op (I'm also a good girl, Mistress would be VERY displeased with such activity) so a bunch of self-proclaimed Trannies pissing over everything shakes head

But disliking the venue aside I went with Irene specifically to see the sights and meet Nyssa, Mrs. Silk's second junior maid (Irene being the other) and that's exactly what I did! We found a quiet corner and started chatting, sparked off each other and had a good laugh.

It's actually Nyssa who started the whole "I'm from Dudley I am" thing between us; apparently when I get angry or irked I pick up a Dudley accent. Despite never having lived there OR even visited that place in my entire life.

The Trip Home

My then Owner met me off the coach and as we walked home I told her what we'd got up to and the thing is I thought she'd be happy for me. Yes Ok, I had been away from her but I'd been calling her everyday as instructed and she'd sounded fine on the phone; missed me a bit but nothing major.

Whilst Mistress Christina or MzWhipplash would understand that calling Jane "Ma'am" was a sign of respect to her position and a fairly autonomous response from me in maid space... my then Owner did not and was VERY VERY upset with me for being disrespectful to her! Which even to this day I don't quite understand...

Just goes to show that a bad Dominant can and will make you try and regret something you enjoy.

It's now 2014 and I still look back on everything bar this final bit fondly.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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