Meeting your heroes - Part 1 - The Preamble

Have you ever met your heros? It's not something a lot of people can say has happened to them but I have. It can be an empowering yet humbling experience to realise that the people you look up to and aspire to be like are actually very real and in my case quite personable.

  • Whilst the names remain unchanged time has meant if you look in the places, you won't find anyone you're looking for.

The Preamble

How I get around

I honestly can not remember all of the preamble, how it ended up with, a now close friend, sending me an e-mail. But I can clearly remember the exchange 15 years later, her message was sent to someone who she thought was already a maid for her Mistress.

She commented that her Mistress hadn't mentioned there was another TS currently in service and asking for clarification. I was somewhat agog, I'd of loved to of served her Owner (and not getting that opportunity and the reasons for that is something I will always regret) but I replied that whilst I was (still am LOL) a TS I was not in service to... anyone; just another hopeful.

We started chatting more partly because she'd set her e-mail program up incorrectly and my reply went to the wrong address... DOH! Eventually met up at the offices of my Psychiatrist along with someone who would become my Owner for 18 months. I went out for a smoke and she accompanied me, we talked and yes I admit I was a bit star struck I admit.

Well how would you feel as a young, untrained and wannabe sissy maid talking to someones actual maid? Someone you'd seen online and admired? Yeah. I was a bit tongue tied and star struck but in a turn of events that isn't in keeping with my normal behaviour I DIDN'T put my foot in my mouth once!

We kept chatting through e-mail and her Mistresses chat page online and eventually she invited me to her house, eventually she invited me down again as her Mistress was away, the other two girls who maided for her (including the live-in maid) would be around and a weekend could be made of it... and they were looking forward to meeting me.

The plan as arranged was I'd head down and she'd take some pictures of me in one of her sissy maid uniforms. Meet Jane, go out for a night at TransEssex and follow that up with meeting Nyssa the next night at The Way Out Club in London with Irene.

This is where my memory fails me, to do the maid dress and TransEssex on one day, WOC next and get home that must be a Friday and a Saturday with the trip home being Sunday? Although the amount of time the coach took... I must of travelled on the Thursday? Somethings are lost to time.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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