New Years Eve 2014 - Private Party

I'm actually quite fond of these parties, obviously it's because everyone going is friendly and sociable but it also lets me stretch my legs as far as service goes. It'd be a bit pointless trying to make cocktails at o&I, from example, most people are driving and with 100 people there... one maid with a bag of ice, a smile and "can do" attitude is not really going to cut it.

I've actually mentioned in to the hosts that this unpredictable nature really pushes my little service sub buttons because I can't know the flavour of the party and do any mental prep work before hand. Whilst I'd be working I wasn't going there alone, both my Owner and MzWhipplash would be coming with us. It'd also be something quite special. There would be four of us in the car... not three.

Ella was coming with us. This was kind of a big thing as all three of us have been a bit sad leaving her behind when we go out, it's by her choice and we respect that but it doesn't change the fact we'd like her with us. So whilst I was busy being helped in to my corset by my Owner, MzWhipplash was busy making sure Ella had her dress on. It made for an interesting few hours as she ended up borrowing a set of our petticoats and I had to help with getting a set of wrist cuffs fastened (new leather is a pain sometimes).

The only real issue was that my Owner was still feeling utterly under the weather from whatever bug she'd caught just before the 28th... so other than driving us there and socialising she really wasn't feeling up to anything. Understandable and on the plus side she wasn't feeling as grotty as she was on our last outing so... silver lining.

When we arrived and pilled in to the house people had something of a pleasant shock. Whilst I'd already said I'd be working this party in the Mk2 "Pink thing" and worn it initially on my day off at o&I in November, nobody had asked what Ella would be wearing. So you have a pink & white trimmed sissy maid with another pink & white sissy looking around behind her.

It was totally unplanned and pure coincidence but it ended up being two sissies in very similar outfits wandering around; although I was the only one of us with an apron on :) Although a few people did do a double take when they saw both of us which was quite amusing, although in all seriousness I think it helped Ella's confidence that people were so accepting of her trotting around.

Slowly people started to arrive and I seconded myself in to the kitchen area whilst a good friend showed me how to make a few new drinks to add to the list of those available. Although with the cold it was mainly coffee that people were drinking; I did make more than a few cocktails though but the coffee machines were kept chugging all night.

When midnight rolled around we all pilled outside and started trying to get a bunch of Chinese lanterns lit, ok, most of us cheated and got a Domme who likes playing with fire to help us but eventually we had them lit and... going pretty much everywhere! In to a tree, the neighbours garden, you name it they went there and whilst all of this was happening we were laughing our collective backsides off at the chaos. All good fun and eventually most of them did lift off and set sail in to the night.

Although I did dive back inside rather quickly once we'd got most of the lights flying. Between the thin material of the dress and the 20 denier stockings... it was blood cold out there!

With people heading off to play I decided to eat, if I'm not needed I might as well tuck in and refuel... I might not get the opportunity later right? I discovered a certain chocolate cake that one of the guests had made... my god it was good. I could of eaten it all night, until it came out my ears and the corset exploded!

Obviously, I can't tell you what everyone else was getting up to whilst I was washing out cups, feeding coffee machines and generally hiding behind the scenes... it's private and honestly? I didn't see anything other than my little sister ending up in a pink fleece onesie and getting her cat on, much to everyones enjoyment.

Whilst I'm sure the trip back was enjoyable and a good way to wind down, I'm afraid I don't really remember much of it as I write this. All in all though? An excellent way to see in 2015 and hopefully the first of many events for the year.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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