Night of The Cane - November 2014

As with all of The Firm's events I've participated in this year it was a night of firsts. The first time I've ever been to The Flying Dutchman. The first time I've ever attended NoTC. First time around a bunch of 'schoolies'.

Now I'll be up front and honest, Corporal Punishment and school scenes aren't my thing; does nothing for me. But hey, I'm pretty sure stomping around dressed as a maid isn't everyones cup of tea either so "Your kink is not my kink and that's OK" applies.

This was a little different to normal as not only would it be MzWhipplash, my Owner and myself heading out for fun but we'd be joined by Richard; MzWhipplash's new trainee service sub. It was awesome that he drove the four of us to the event as it meant my Owner could indulge in having a drink (she doesn't really do alcohol and neither do I), I made sure to thank him profusely for his efforts.

Originally I was scheduled to be on site at 5pm, this would allow a 2 hour "get in" and we'd be all ready to roll when we went live. Although having my Owner and MzWhipplash kicking around for 2 hours didn't sit right with me so with Ishmael's agreement we nudged it to a 6pm arrival for me; 1 hour to help with prep, get settled, roll. The traffic wasn't actually as insane as we were expected so I arrived at 5:20pm and felt pretty chuffed with myself as I looked for Ishmael or one of the other people from The Firm I recognised. In the end this very nice lady and the doorman at a private function poked their noses out and asked me who I was, what was going on, what I wanted.

It took a bit of explaining, we eventually found the owner of the venue and he confirmed that no, Ishmael wasn't onsite yet, yes Night of The Cane was scheduled and yes the get out time for the private party downstairs was 7pm. I was let in to the upstairs bar to wait and ended up alternating between pacing around the floor figuring out where everything was and sitting on the edge of the stage.

Still nothing wrong with getting as familiar with a venue as possible before doors open, after all I'm going to need to know where stuff is if someone comes up and asks me so the extra time before the desks, blackboard and such appeared was actually kind of useful. It was an incredibly quick prep and we had people coming through the doors as I was hauling desks downstairs and setting them up, we also only had 30min until the first lesson was due to start!

Despite being the noob as far as this event went I elected to take the stairs as much as possible leaving Angela, the maid more familiar with The Firm's events to deal with upstairs; seemed sensible to my mind as she was breaking in a new leg and wasn't looking forward to the stairs (my knee is a bit duff but yay painkillers!).

Still first class was called, desks were filled and everyone seemed happy at failing their uniform inspection. See? Told you I thought schoolies were mental :D The stairs down were a bit treacherous but I was quite happy to hold drinks, be a shoulder to lean on or whatever it'd take to assist people in going down (up was usually fine).

I was a bit surprised when a third maid appeared next to me wearing a staff badge; then again us skivvies need to work on communication so we know what's supposed to be happening when and can figure out where we need to be to achieve it. It was interesting to chat to Maisy, I'm always happy to natter to another of my kind and being able to compare notes on things made for a pleasant evening. Although she couldn't stay for the whole night due to feeling grot and generally being knackered from a day at work.

As well as the classes and caning completion (which I ran around handing out forms for, whilst trying to avoid crashing anyones scene) various people were giving talks in the downstairs far end room; CP 101, History of The Scene and one other one which I've forgotten. Fairly simple crowd control directing people around the back of the classroom so they didn't interrupt anything (although Ishmael did give me a tip about being more 'in the way'). Which is what I spent most of my night doing, helping people down the stairs and politely shunting them around a scene in progress; either around the back or diving through the front depending on what the Domme running the class was doing at that time.

After the caning contest it was time to dish out the "Bonfire Stew" couldn't tell you what it tasted like as I didn't have any I was mainly there to separate out the paper bowels, get the cutlery out and run around with a plastic bag getting all the rubbish in to it after a reasonable amount of time for people to eat.

It was a bit of a concern when I was asked if I was a member of The Firm, for those wondering I wasn't and I had visions of that being an early end to the night or at least a shuffling of who did what. No, turns out I've made a good impression. So with his best stage voice (which is actually really good, excellent projection) Ishmael called everyone together and inducted me in to The Firm.

For anyone curious it basically means I can get in to an event they're running for free... so long as I'm working. Yeah, it's a bit of a giggle and really? That's what this sort of thing should be: fun.

As people were starting to leave we went in to the close down phase of things, basically running around with rubbish bags ferrying empties to the bar and generally putting things that weren't going to be used again in to various peoples cars for their trip back to wherever it is they're stored.

With the event officially closed by Ishmael I reverted back to looking after my Owner and MzWhipplash, found all the coats and after a quick double check with Ishmael that it was OK for me to head out we all piled in to the back of Richard's car and started making our way to Romford for a well earned nap.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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