November Update

I'm currently running preparations for November, it's going to be a busy month and I'm looking forward to every second of it. Since last November I've made quite an explosive reentry in to the scene as a submissive... this year I want to test myself.

So lets look at what is booked shall we?

First up we have Club Antichrist, this has, like the other events that had to move with the loss of The Colosseum had to find a new place to call home... so I've no idea what it's going to be like.

For this event I'll be serving MzWhipplash and my Owner rather than running as a member of staff, if I'm honest I like both the subtle and the large differences between serving a few people and running hard serving a multitude; it's a pleasant way to work myself in to the month.

I was planning, as it's a Halloween party, to dress up for the occasion. Originally we'd thought "Domme" a nice skirt, a sharp top... some severe looking makeup and a riding crop tucked in to my boots and TADA! One Domme; so long as nobody notices my collar. Instead a new dress has just arrived for me, I wasn't THAT keen on it until my Owner said it looked cute and I looked cute wearing it so... whilst I'll be there as my usual self it will, unlike a lot of places, actually be in fetish attire (it's all satin).

Probably going to keep wearing the boots though.

After that I'll be serving at a small private party in Kent. I'm honoured to be invited to serve and as, pretty much, the whole household will be there I'm going to be serving my little heart out. It'll be my signature day uniform and flats for the duration, although I must start looking for new ones to wear as not only is the dress getting a little tired but it does get a little boring wearing it for stuff that isn't the usual haunts of a maid (i.e. supermarkets, the home, you know the drill).

It'll be a friends birthday around that time and they have a thing for maids, so whilst I'd like to wear the full regalia of a sissy maid I'll have to settle for, temporarily adding her to the list of people I should curtsey to.

The following weekend I'll be serving at The Night of The Cane, this is one of The Firm's events (The Boat, Night of The Cane and Burns Night). I've already gone over how I pretty much approached them as a way to make amends for being a no-show fifteen years ago and it's a REALLY nice thing to be asked back again. Hopefully I'll be on top form and impress them a second time.

I will, again, be in my day uniform. I did some research on the location and it's really not suitable for the petticoats.

Sunday, 23rd I'll be at o&I for the first of two events being run under this banner. As per usual my Owner will be reprising her role as 'Zofe' and joining me as part of the clubs maid team (we're getting a reputation), so we'll be busy busing tables, serving sweeties and trying our best to keep on top of things and making sure everyone of the guests has a good time.

Next up is another event I get to wear a sissy maid uniform at. Pedestal. It's been looking for a new home and seems to have settled on Fire as a good place to be. My Owner will be there as Senior Maid to MzWhipplash with me being the happy Housemaid with a mystified look on her face :) This event will probably be my normal black satin/white trim'd affair as we have two of them and MzWhipplash likes her maids to match; which kind of makes us two squee a bit as well.

Finally we have another o&I at the end of the month and frankly? To HELL WITH THE DAY UNIFORM! I've already had permission from my Owner to go with the full Victorian outfit and put my hair up. As per normal Zofe will be present and we'll be making sure everyone has an enjoyable time.

So that's my November. Naturally I'll be working on journals for each event separately but I figured an update was in order as it's been rather a long time since I posted anything of substance; more is the pity.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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