o&I @ Eureka - 27th July 2014

It has been a little over a week since, what could well be called, the big birthday bash at o & I took place. You had the old girl herself, the club, celebrating 5 years of outrageous fun, then the wonderful MsstDestiny and finally myself celebrating both my birthday and a wonderful 15 years with my partner (in crime) Tina_Stormcaller so to say the cake was piled high would be an understatement!

The day started like most others, a manic drive from the outskirts of Portsmouth to the welcoming arms of our kinky family in Romford. Lots of bouncing around and general laughter later... I was actually me again. It sounds corny but I much prefer to arrive somewhere ready to go, it helps sets the tone and stops any confusion about what has just arrived.

Before we set off MzWhipplash presented me with my birthday cake and offered me a choice: we could keep the cake at her home and take it home with us OR we could take it to the club to share with all of our friends.

I'm the sort to share and I couldn't eat all of it myself so we brought both it and an unopened present with us. Whilst the car was a bit of a squish we managed to arrive with everything safe and sound.

I sorted out the set up of the tray and my Owner went off to reprise her occasional role as the other maid (she's the blonde one, I think people keep getting us muddled up) and start the DJ booth trundling; as usual this involved me waving my arms around in front of everyone so the volume was 'just right' for background music (if I can hear the chatter of everyone around me, we're good to go). Then a quick whizz round with the table numbers whilst letting Zofe know what each side had on it.

For the first 30min we were joined by a tweeny, assigned to us for a few reasons. With their inexperience in such things I thought it was better to deal with the indoors, where the serving tray and crowd of people would make navigating difficult. So I scooped her up, handed over the tray and we set off to do a circuit of the outdoors.

Overall I thought she would make a good addition to the team given enough practice, moving at speed with a tray or plates of food takes a lot of work and it was in this area I found her to be deficient. Although both of us had a remarkable turn of speed when a wasp decided it'd say 'Hello' LOL. For those wondering, I'm kind of allergic to their stings and for some reason my skin condition makes me smell attractive to them... it's weird.

A bit irksome that I ended up not being around to give some new people the tour of the facilities (actually quite irksome, that's one of the things I'm there for) but soon made up for it and accelerated back up to my normal speed.

After that there was the usual tooing and frooing of service. Making sure all the guests were sufficiently sugared up, anyone dropping was well looked after and that as many people as possible were having a good time.

At least that is until the music stopped and the cakes began appearing... as did my sense of dread. First the birthday of one of our wonderful ambassadors was announced, we all applauded and sang Happy Birthday. The wished the club a happy Birthday and then... it was my turn.

It wasn't until it was announced that it was my 15 year anniversary of being together with my Owner that everyone noticed she'd stayed up by the DJ booth and was, in fact, hiding! I decided that if I was NOT going to stand all on my own so going back to some old habits I yelled "HEEL!" and grinned as Zofe sheepishly trotted over to me.

It was incredibly heart warming to open the cards signed by all our friends, then we opened the present and I was speechless. Both of us are coffee nuts, wrapped up were two engraved latte glasses to Tina & Sissy wishing us a happy 15 years from our friends & family.

For the rest of the evening it was trying to feed people all of the cake instead of my usual sweeties. I noticed that my awesome birthday cake was the most popular; unsurprising it tasted absolutely wonderful!

With the event drawing to a close I helped clean up a bit and departed with a car full of people to drop off ending a brilliant day in the Kent countryside with wonderful people.

Thing is... I actually had the best birthday ever. I had it in the middle of a BDSM club... it's good that for me this is no longer a weird or strange thing.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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