o&I September 2014 - The Nibblation

As I sit here to write this it's Monday, I won't say I'm dropping but I feel really jet lagged... in a good way.

Friday started out with packing our bags as we were due to set off the next day and ended about 4am Saturday after I'd finished cooking and ironing and basically making sure as much as could be done so my Owner could get to work on Monday was finished; best to burn the candle before rather than after an 8+ hour marathon :)

Once we landed at Romford and unpacked the 'Bismark' my Owner had to head off in to Kent to help out a friend (another Sarah, wonder if there is something in that lol) move out; I would of gone as well but cargo space was more important than passenger capacity. So I ended up happily sat on MzWhipplash's floor chatting away whilst she sampled the test batch of nibbles I'd made for another event.

It was a good afternoon, true you'll prise my KAB Operators chair from my cold dead hands but sometimes I really need 'floor time' and yep, I'm sat there quite happily of my own volition :D Funny thing choice would be a topic of conversation that cropped up a few times that weekend.

With my Owner back and safely installed on the sofa to relax (and the crates put in the loft) the two of them got busy with the technokibble to order pizza. Then again if I'd of had my tablet or laptop with me all three of us would of been working the system to get the best deal... so hello pot this is kettle. Damn nice pizza as well (I appear to be as much a fish person as our host, bonus!).

Entertainment was via YouTube and an odd selection of music video's, some quite catchy tunes and outright earworms were found. Although with the sun setting and three people needing to be up early it was soon time to get the sleeping bags out and curl up for a kip.

Early in the morning, just as day is dawning, I was up sorting stuff out. Nothing major just making sure the uniforms were hanging up to get the creases out, feeding the cats and getting a flask of coffee made for the trip home. Getting everything that needed loading back in the car (Tina's uniform, sweeties, tray, etc) moved to the door. Cafinate myself, my Owner, pack up the sleeping bags, help finish getting stuff in the loft, grab a shower and then... get my day uniform on.

I still have no idea what everyone sees in it as to me it's quite literally what I'd wear in the afternoon/evening once the cleaning is done. But that's what people like to see and well I'm more than happy to accommodate. I think it's kind of become my signature outfit these days. :)

Still everyone clambered in the car, Tina & MzWhipplash in the front and myself and Scrummyx in the back (we were giving her a lift) and we set off for the wilds of Kent; much laughter, banter and general gossiping later and I notice we're pretty much at the gate. All four of us just laughed our way to Kent; trippy. :)

Whilst early there were already plenty of members of my extended family milling around, getting ready for the day and yeah it was nice to be back on home turf after having to miss last months event. It took a little while but we got everything needed inside and all of the toys parked around our usual table. The tray was prepared with it's usual load of sweeties, which basically involves me in the DJ booth pouring stuff in to the pots and jiggling stuff around so the thing balances on my arm before Tina finishes changing and comes to get the music playing.

Annoyingly I hit the first hurdle of the day quite quickly. Straight lines and walking in them. Couldn't figure it out so I ended up running the risk and ditching my knee brace; it held up reasonably well... just the occasional twinge (paying for that decision now ho hum). Hopefully a good sign for the future that the knee is healing a bit (or the weather is more favourable).

Fixed that problem and set out the table numbers just in time for the first real wave of people to arrive. With Tina changed we got the music playing, which as per usual ended up with me running around making 'up' and 'down' motions to the back of the room; we know people like the music but we don't want to drown out conversations.

And then everything kind of becomes blur for a while, juggling making sure Tina is Ok, making sure people have what they need, giving the 2p tour to people, helping with the waitressing and doing tray runs. As Tina's back started to play up for reasons unknown I added massage to the list of things to do and helped keep her rolling.

Originally we'd planned to hand out the left over nibbles after Eureka's kitchen had closed, all things being equal I didn't want to tread on toes; it's actually one of the reasons I don't have chocolate on the tray (they sell choccie bars). This kind of went out the window as not only did Tina tell Ladyveil that I'd get her one pronto BUT mysteriously everyone vanished shortly after.

So with the kitchen quiet and the sweeties were running low... I laid everything out on the tray and set off; it wasn't a LOT of things but hey, it was just a test batch. A few people seemed a bit suspicious of them, fair enough scones usually have fruit in them rather than red onions and cheese but the people who did indulge seemed to enjoy them a lot! Which was rather pleasing as I'd never tried cooking savoury muffins and scones before nor was I sure how well they'd travel; so thank you everyone who ate one for being my guinea pig! :D

Yes, to answer the question most posed to me, I cooked them.

The other memorable thing that jumps to mind was MsstGlamBitch asking me my name and the surprise when I told her. For those wondering it's Sarah, so pretty far removed from Vaneshi. Also, so not fair using your real name when ordering food :P

At 7:30, Tina did something quite silly and figured out how to announce on the PA that the kitchen would stop taking orders in 15min. Now on one hand this was a really useful thing for a maid to do. On the other the kitchen was instantly slammed with the queue for food backed up out the front door of the club house! I've absolutely no idea where the next hour or so went but I do remember hauling plates of food, cutlery and enough empties to fill a skip.

It did mean I missed the fire play demo outside though; which is kind of a bummer. Although I'm sure as the nights draw in I'll have more opportunities to go outside and watch :)

We decided to leave a little earlier than normal, 9pm instead of waiting until 10pm. Both myself and Tina were really starting to flag, I couldn't see straight any more, MzWhipplash wanted to get home as Ella had been away for a while and we needed to drop Scrummyx off home on the way.

As I said choice was something of a flavour for the weekend, in two conversations with different people it was stated that something was my choice. The first was Mistress Amethyst who wanted the maids to curtsey as we did stuff, I'm disinclined to do that as they aren't my Owner nor the head of our little house but my Owner gave me the choice to do it or not.

The second was a conversation just before we left where someone asked if I was forced or under orders to serve. The answer is no, I'm not. Although taking breaks IS, ironically, forced. The management I need tends to be the reverse of the stereotype. Still nobodies perfect.

But by midnight everyone was back where they wanted to be and I had Tina tucked up in bed for a quick nap as she had to get up at 5am for work.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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