Pedestal, July 31st 2014 @ Fire

Pedestal is one of the clubs displaced by the closure of the Colosseum venue, in May it booked the Pasha night club for its venue but the requirements of that club were sufficient to put a lot of people off attending (I also say the change from a Friday night to a Thursday has done little to help with numbers).

The July event was something I'd been looking forward to for quite a while. Yes, 29th July is my birthday and I always feel that at o&I I am working, so I tend to be all business and whilst it's enjoyable I don't really let me hair down and my kinks out too much. At Pedestal I'd simply be a maid; there to serve, pander, pamper and be played with at the behest of the people I'm with.

Basically I get to be the maid and focus on those I'm with rather than making sure everyone at a venue is well looked after; not that I don't enjoy such things it's just being focused is a more intense and different pleasure.

With the event being on a Thursday my Owner took both the Thursday and Friday off, Saturday would be for another special occasion. As we were going to attend the club with MzWhipplash and my Owner taking the semi-mentoring role of Senior Maid and myself being the happy tweeny/junior maid and MzWhipplash prefers her girls to be in matching uniforms it was time for the black satin uniforms to come out to play!

Both of us got changed at MzWhipplash's house, something that seems to be a repeating patter to us going out, whilst the dress I'd intended to wear wasn't as it should of been (a problem but fortunately I'd packed other options) so I was helped in to my corset, got my makeup sorted and my apron tied around my waist.

Parking at the new venue was actually an interesting experience as we ended up pretty much in the car park just over the road from Colosseum; we never knew it was there in all the years we visited that venue! WOW. You might of picked on something; none of us were in anything resembling street clothes.

A trip through Vauxhall, the lady with her two doting Sissy Maids ensued much to the amusement of everyone we encountered. Thing is that the more people honked and cheered the more MzWhipplash strutted and the more I puffed out my little C-cup chest in pride; at heart I really am a sissy maid and I love people seeing me as such... not that I wasn't the only one of our little party grinning from ear to ear.

I will try not to be hyper-critical of Pedestal @ Fire, it is their first time at this venue and I think it is fair to say that a lot of the issues that us three encountered were with Fire staff, some minor issues with facilities... and me taking umbrage at the House Slaves being somewhat less capable than myself (WHAT?)... we've raised these issues with the person who organises Pedestal... enough said on the matter.

Once we were in I was really happy to see NightSprite wandering around, she's been keeping herself to herself online and I've been a bit concerned about my friend (I'm like that) so making sure she was OK and getting a hug set my mind at ease on that matter. From there we did a quick tour of the facilities.

The venue was split in to three sections. The 'main' section which led from the enterance/exit was full of play kit. Various items of metal work to attach people to, the cage for trampling and so on were all there. The left tunnel (looking towards the DJ booth with the weird spinning colour wheel on it) held the Goddess Room, this is a somewhat high protocol area: male sub missives are NOT allowed to talk without permission nor are they allowed to sit on the chairs. As I'm a) in service b) collared c) female this doesn't apply to myself; but as most people would expect a sissy maid to be male I generally play along and only sat on the chairs when given permission by MzWhipplash and I naturally don't speak until spoken to regardless.

The final tunnel in use was where the small bar was seemed to have some play kit installed but was primarily a dance floor of sorts. It felt a bit smaller than what I was expecting but not that bad.

Whilst in the main area MzWhipplash found one of the people she's played with and he was added to her little entourage, two became three. We collected some drinks (mine being none alcoholic) and went in to the Goddess Room for Select A Slave.

This is, in some respect, a bit of an ice breaker. Submissive men can enter in to the competition to be asked a bunch of questions by several Dommes and graded on their answer, MzWhipplash likes to include her two maids in the fun and we get to ask silly questions ("What is the air speed of an unladen Swallow", "Name the five types of Quark", "Who captained the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-C" that sort of thing) a lot of people don't realise we're joking but some do and play along; which is all good fun.

MzWhipplash's foot sub Sandy appeared shortly after Select a Slave finished and I was sent off to find the James so that an entry could be made in his little black book that She wants a "painslut or a maso" (the lady's exact words). All of us figured he might find maybe one... eventually the gentleman found three people all willing to be played with.

I'm quite odd in that whilst I've little to no tolerance to pain I do enjoy watching the D-types play, everyone of them has a different style and a variation in their technique and the person we were accompanying was on top form. As was my Owner who surreptitiously had her hand under my dress and nails in my butt naked backside on more than one occasion... I love being me sometimes!

With the venue being so hot and with not a lot of seating all three of us started to suffer from sore feet, including my Owner who was wearing flats (like a good girl I try to always wear heals when in the full regalia) so we took it easy in the Goddess Room whilst working on MzWhipplash's calfs in preparation for our departure.

True we left a few hours early but all of us were tired, had sore feet and were quite happy with ourselves as we took a slow walk back to the car park and made our way home via a McDonalds (I do eat them, just I'd prefer not to beyond their breakfast stuff).

The saddest part of such nights out is having to take the dress off, I kind of hate it and would prefer to know I'm putting it (or another uniform) on when I wake up. Still such is the downside of being a maid.

Would I go to Pedestal again? Of course! But probably not the September one as with it being on a Thursday it means booking time off and such; so I'll see you at the November one wherever it might be held.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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