Pedestal - November 2014

Pedestal is billed as London's top FemDomme club and it generally lives up to that reputation with gusto, whilst it's struggled with the loss of it's old home it seems that after a few missteps it's really picked itself up and is making a home for itself at the Fire venue; which is just down the road from where it used to be.

Whilst getting to a Thursday venue is difficult we were fortunate that my Owner had taken the week off to basically relax, chill and let her batteries recharge so getting there wasn't going to pose too much of an issue and tickets were duly booked online.

Prep for me started in ernest for me Wednesday evening, packing everything needed in to the black wheelie bag. Usually it was matching maids at this event, myself as the Tweeny and my Owner as the Senior, however after ClubFEM where my black satin uniform was drenched and creased to hell I was doubtful it'd be ready in time (despite the time between these two events we haven't been able to get to the dry cleaners), so I went to MzWhipplash with alternatives.

As it turns out the creases popped out of the dress on their own (bonus!) and as my Owner was leaving final decisions to the head of our household... I ended up packing both the black dresses and both the original and clone pink ones; I figured that any issues in accessories and I could create a hybrid of the two.

So it was a VERY full bag I loaded in to the back of the car nestled in-between the two sleeping bags, pillows and other assorted things we'd need for an overnight stay.

Thursday we set off via an opticians, Mistress wanted to get her eyes tested (sensible, she works around computers and has been complaining of eye strain) and after this was finished we started pottering up to Romford whilst "phat tunez" and podcasts happily entertained us.

And then the wheels ever so slightly came off. The simple fact is that my Owner and MzWhipplash had arranged to leave her home by 7pm, so really we'd need to be there for at least 6pm to give us time to get changed, recover for the drive and generally get ourselves in the right place. Fate however had other ideas.

We were running slightly late but nothing bad. Then traffic started going mental as there had been a three car shunt in the 'fast lane' of the A3, everyone was fine and we passed by all three emergency services thundering towards them but the rubber necking did break our stride. Then something hit the windscreen. Now we've no idea what it was but it punched hard enough to dent the glass and cause it to crack; so we had to pull over and make sure everything was OK and safe to proceed.

So it was a fairly stressed out pair of people who appeared at... 7:30 and basically we went mental getting changed and basically an hour of prep in to 15min... then with hugs from the hugbot, my little sister Ella, the three of us pilled in to the car and set off for London via McDonalds for much needed coffee!

We actually managed to park pretty much right on top of Fire, which was both a good and bad thing. Good that we didn't have too far to walk, bad that I couldn't strut through the middle of London in a black satin Sissy Maid uniform. Still you win some you lose some and I still had a "mini-strut" and felt really good for it.

A quick pat down and bag check later we were inside and handing our coats in. I was surprised, in a good way, that this time the door staff actually found the torch I had stashed under my dress (it's hanging from a retractable lanyard clipped to my petticoats), didn't cause any issue but it was good that they actually found it.

Inside it was the same layout as last time, three tunnels; left Goddess Room, middle general play are, right dance floor and stage. The main entrance feeds in to the middle tunnel and both its and the dance floor area's bars were open.

We primarily stayed in the Goddess room area, enjoying the seating, the confused looks from a few people as two Sissy Maids sat on the furniture (although I did get some much needed floor time) and despite running later than MzWhipplash had wished we were just in time for Select A Slave or as we call it "Tormenting people for fun". Usually the questions are "What does submission mean to you?" but we throw those out the window and go with stuff like "What is the name of a fictional Alcubierre drive?" (yep we also called it a Metric Tensor as well), "How many presents were given in the song Twelve Days of Christmas?", "Why is the sky blue?" and other equally absurd questions. Get the wrong answer and we had the boys hopping on one leg and other activities.

Basically we want to see what happens when they're out of their comfort zone and asked something completely unrelated to anything they could of prepared for. Then we grade them out of 10. Sub with the highest score wins a bottle of champagne, which it's traditional to share with the Dominants who graded you.

I threw in a few fairly typical D/s related ones such as "What, in your opinion, is the difference between a submissive and a slave" although all three of us considered those low hanging fruit and fairly easy to answer.

So each little group went from Domme to Domme, assuming the rest position (kneeling, hands behind back) until called forward to answer their challenges. All of them seemed to enjoy it, a few asked why we were doing such off the wall questions compared to the other ladies present and laughed when we explained it to them.

With Select A Slave won by a wonderful person in a custom made latex outfit, we set off to watch the cabaret acts that were due to start in the 'stage' tunnel. I have to admit that when I started smelling rotten eggs I wondered if it was from my dress, I'd worn it to ClubFEM and got throughly drenched... perhaps I hadn't dried it properly? Turns out that the smell was coming and going in time to the smoke machines firing. Probably a contaminated load of fluid... nothing a good clean out won't fix.

It was excellent to watch both of the male burlesque acts shimmy their fans and slowly strip off, although my preference was for second... something about the rugged look. The middle of the three acts I saw, a school scene set to music didn't really do anything for me. Although it was nice to see another maid serving someone.

I had to leave early as both my Owner and MzWhipplash and her friend who'd joined us had vanished... don't really like not knowing where my Owner is; yay for separation anxiety. Bleh. But I quickly found them and was once again happy and bouncy and perhaps a little s-type strut in my step :)

We took her friend in to the main room for play, Pedestal has an A-frame of sorts there in which two submissives can be attached on either side and played with. With myself on one side and my Owner on the other we did our best to create a human roadblock to stop people walking past.

It sounds silly and a little selfish to block off an area until you realise: MzWhipplash plays hard and that includes her backswing with a flogger. It's best to go around the other way or wait for us to let you pass... and by 'best' I mean SAFER.

Still a few morons tried their luck and got hit. Can't save everyone, not everyone wants saving. Not my fault they barged past me and ignored my warning to "go around the other way" and "you're going to get hit". Hey, I completely understand it. You're this Uber D-Type and I'm just this upperty little sissy maid all dressed up in her black satin dress, probably not the first clue what she's doing and it's not important anyway as it's just a maid.


With her friend pretty much blissed out we helped him back to the Goddess Room for aftercare, both his and MzWhipplash's. We made sure to get drinks (if needed) and if there had been an issue with drop we'd of got it under control pronto, fortunately he curled up with his head resting on her knee and had a little nap. Really cute :)

We spent quite a while chatting and doing our thing, when eventually James came over with... the young chap who'd won Select A Slave. Apparently he was struggling to get any play despite approaching people in a manner we thought polite and respectful (he said they were just blanking him... a bit rude IMHO) and whilst he'd never had any play before MzWhipplash agreed to put him through his paces.

All of us were surprised by just how much he took, especially when the canes started coming out to play! All of us thought the scene went really well and complimented him not only on the outfit but the effort he'd made in attending the event and his manners when talking to MzWhipplash.

With all three of us tired, kind of needing coffee and something more filling than a few nibbles, we left early... not that early though as the club only had 20min left on its clock and the bar staff were already starting to clean up in preperation for the house lights coming on.

So that was Pedestal - November 2014. I had a pretty enjoyable time, I saw a really nice improvement in the venue, the house slaves and whilst there were some issues it's nothing that a bit of work could solve (the venue rather than those organising the event I mean). I was surprised by how few people barged past me this time, in September (I believe) pretty much EVERYONE barged past me and took a hit from MzWhipplash's toys... so the level of education is also improving slowly.

I may not be able to make it to the next event, being on a Thursday is a bit tricky, although hopefully the one after that will see the three of us having another wail of a time.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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