so I applied for a job!

This might seem like something any unemployed person would and indeed should do, however as this is appearing on my sissy blog you can probably tell it was far from the mundane 9 - 5 wageslave position.

I applied to be someones live-in maid. 24/7 in role. I've heard back that my CV was one of the best the lady has ever seen from a maid (which made me blush like crazy) and that I've been entered in to the second round of selection.

Apparently this is a shoot out of the best 20 applications she recieved.

I'm both really excited about getting this opportunity AND exceptionally nervous. Partly because of what the position is and partly because I DO have commitments to various other people which I am steadfastly against ditching.

I'm one of the housemaids at Club o & I in Kent, final Sunday of every month.

I'm going to be one of the maids at the 2014 Boat Party (I'm dead excited about this one for reasons I'll cover later) in July.

I regularly go to Club Pedastal in London with both my Owner and a very dear friend as the Dominant (the joy of being owned by a switch that one); good times are usually had by all three of us.

None of these I really want to give up. Hopefully the person I may be working for understands this and isn't one of those super territorial Dominants.

If I ever hear anything back about interviews or such I'll make another post about it!

Sissy Maid Sarah

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