I'm really sorry that I'm going over some really really old stuff and nothing new is being posted.

Basically whilst I've been tinkering with the server and the software it's running I've been typing away and finding old content to rejig for the new system.

Besides, here's todays update:

Cooked a wonderful spaghetti bolegnase, it came out a little sour but I think that was the red wine I used (I seriously need a bottle of Masalla) but Mistress was gushing with praise about how good it tasted so... well if Mistress likes it then it's got to be good! So I was all happy and bouncy about that.

It's a shame a caught myself with the knife when chopping onions though :( It REALLY REALLY hurts for such a little cut. I kind of wanted Mistress to kiss it better but I was too busy cooking and she was busy sorting out her music for Friday.

So my left thumb is all Owwwwiiieeee :(

Not much to write home about :) Other than for the first time in erm... 20 odd years of cooking I caught myself with a knife (DOH!).

I'll finish off the old stuff I've been working on and then your daily dose of boredom will resume.



Sissy Maid Sarah

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