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New Years Eve 2014 - Private Party
I'm actually quite fond of these parties, obviously it's because everyone going is friendly and sociable but it also lets me stretch my legs as far as service goes. It'd be a bit pointless trying to make cocktails at o&I, from example, most people are driving and with
o&I December 2014 - The Last Dance
I've been involved with the club for very close to 5 years (about 4 and a half), back then it was Irene maiding and initially she approached me about borrowing Tina for this small gathering. It was a familiar story, she had a lot of offers but they never materialised
First December Update
December is looking to be a quiet month and whilst normally I'm a bit "Awwww" about that... after the hectic November schedule I'm rather grateful for the time to just putter around and catch up on things. So far the only two bookings are my usual position at o&
o&I - November 2014 - A Grand Day Off.
The sun was climbing and the fog heavy as we set off from Portsmouth heading towards the M25 and Romford. We'd decided that a rough schedule would be (hey, I like this writing malarky makes it sound like I had a choice): 8am - Wake, shower, shave, flask and grabbbing
Pedestal - November 2014
Pedestal is billed as London's top FemDomme club and it generally lives up to that reputation with gusto, whilst it's struggled with the loss of it's old home it seems that after a few missteps it's really picked itself up and is making a home for itself at the Fire
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