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o&I December 2014 - The Last Dance
I've been involved with the club for very close to 5 years (about 4 and a half), back then it was Irene maiding and initially she approached me about borrowing Tina for this small gathering. It was a familiar story, she had a lot of offers but they never materialised
o&I - November 2014 - A Grand Day Off.
The sun was climbing and the fog heavy as we set off from Portsmouth heading towards the M25 and Romford. We'd decided that a rough schedule would be (hey, I like this writing malarky makes it sound like I had a choice): 8am - Wake, shower, shave, flask and grabbbing
o&I September 2014 - The Nibblation
As I sit here to write this it's Monday, I won't say I'm dropping but I feel really jet lagged... in a good way. Friday started out with packing our bags as we were due to set off the next day and ended about 4am Saturday after I'd finished cooking
o&I @ Eureka - 27th July 2014
It has been a little over a week since, what could well be called, the big birthday bash at o & I took place. You had the old girl herself, the club, celebrating 5 years of outrageous fun, then the wonderful MsstDestiny and finally myself celebrating both my birthday and
o & I 27th July 2014 - Prep
Well it's that time of the month again, time to get my maid on at one of the best outdoors events it's possible to attend (because it's currently the only one I serve at... ego? What ego? :) ) The car is loaded and Mt. Sweetie is ready for transport, this month
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