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Devotion - June 2017
Yep, I'm back in West Brom and we're making our yearly pilgrimage to Devotion, one of the better FemDomme clubs we've experienced. Whilst this time we'd be attending without MzWhipplash I was most certainly with my Owner and spent a fair old while figuring out what I wanted to bring,
Night of The Cane - November 2016
Night of The Cane - November 2016 Night of The Cane is another one of The Firm's long standing events that run throughout the year. This one has more of a school & corpral punishment theme to it than the others and whilst this isn't my sort of thing... it's
Updates - Clubs - Venues and such.
Well it's time for another update. Somewhat ironic as I only just finished typing up and editing the post on The Boat 21. July has already been a busy month and looks set to continue as such. I've already done The Boat and the London Adult Market, I've a bit
Meeting your Heroes - Part 3 - The Way Out Club
The Second Day I've been to the Way Out Club a few times and honestly it was not the sort of place I enjoy going. I... look I'll be honest, trying to go to the toilet and having people fucking each other in them is a pain. It got so
Meeting your Heroes - Part 2 - Transessex
I'd love to say I was stuffed back in to the uniform and accompanied them to TransEssex... and I was kind of tempted to ask because I felt really comfortable that way but couldn't figure out why. Alas it was not to be and I pulled on my skirt like
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