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The Boat - July 2017
The Boat - July 2017 It's that time of the year folks, when the evil day star hangs in the sky and I feel the sudden urge to go for a jaunt down the river Thames with a bunch of other kinksters. Yes, it's time for The Firm's annual event:
Night of The Cane - November 2016
Night of The Cane - November 2016 Night of The Cane is another one of The Firm's long standing events that run throughout the year. This one has more of a school & corpral punishment theme to it than the others and whilst this isn't my sort of thing... it's
The Boat 23 - July 2016
After much ado without nothing and the recent stress I've been feeling over 'The Event' (i.e. Brexit) it was good to stretch my legs with a nice cruise down the river Thames. This would be my third time running around the yearly London Boat Party hosted by The Firm.
Night of The Cane - November 2015
Night of The Cane represents the last event in the yearly cycle of The Firm organised happenings before we loop back to Burns Night in the new year (Burns Night, Detention, The Boat, Night of The Cane being the events). This one was somewhat unusual as we'd be moving the
London Fetish Weekend
Club Subversion & The Firm present: The Boat Electric Boogaloo It should be noted that I've already rewritten this twice, this in and of itself should be considered odd as I habitually don't do any editing of my journal posts beyond basic spell checking. Make of that what you will
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