The Boat 21 - Excellent fun!

Well I'm finally back home and sat in front of my laptop so I can write about my adventure serving on the mobile kinkfest that is... The Boat.

Myself, my Mistress and our really good friend MzWhipplash (to quote her "the second p is for pain") set off and whilst Mistress parked the car I went with MzWhipplash to the Hornimans in Hays bar in the Hays Galleria.

As we were early we basically walked through the Galleria with myself in uniform already, which a) I don't give two shits about what anyone else things b) I almost ALWAYS show up to and leave an event dressed ready to serve.

So, despite the fact I was in my domestic uniform, lots of people stopped to look as I went past. Which gave me quite the buzz, a really nice way to start the evening.

We had drinkies and despite being told the boat hadn't arrived... IT HAD and thus I was LATE by about 10min.

I ran off to get onboard and just as I told one of the crew to go and get Ishmael as he'd vouch for me I had a bunch of tourists ask me to take their picture at the other end of the pier... grrr. So when I did that Ishmael was leaning over the side of the boat looking a little irked. Damn you tourists! Although the crew person did say I'd got dragged off to take a photo, blamed the tourists and I thanked Ishmael for letting me serve and apologised for being late.

I giggled when he told the crew that "If anyone else shows up in a maids uniform they're probably staff as well." I suppose he was expecting me to need to get changed or something, don't know... but I ALWAYS do my best to show up ready to serve.

Anyway I got onboard and met Ishmael, then went to the bow area and got to know the others I'd be working with. It was all a bit nervous at the beginning, I'd never served on The Boat before and all things being equal they didn't know me from any other useless time waster in a uniform.

Whilst at o&I I deal only with supplying sweeties to people here I'd be basically doing hot & cold food, we had:

  • Chicken Drumsticks
  • Meatballs
  • Two types of sausages
  • Strawberries
  • Vine Tomatos
  • Grapes (both red & green)
  • Small selection of lollipops

I'll admit the trays were, initially, a lot heavier than the one from o&I (Chicken wings are heavier than jelly babies, cola bottles, fruit pastels and liquorice all-sorts... who know? LOL)

Ishmael got up and warned us all that he was letting the customers on and we stood to attention near the food; out of the flow of bodies but visible. My fun really started when Ladyveil came in and mouthed "You're STAFF?!?" at the sight of me stood there. Yes Ma'am, I was staff :)

With us undocked from the pier and a schedule of when we were to start orbiting with the trays I went up to the top deck to find my Owner and friends. I got on my knee and asked the decision making unit to put my collar around me neck, we'd decided that walking through the centre of London dressed as a domestic skivvy was fine BUT a domestic skivvy with a purple strap around their neck with the word "SISSY" written on it in large silver letters might be a tad too much.

With my shiny on I set off socialising and chatting to people, more to set myself at ease that I wasn't a complete fish out of water. Ended up chatting to Ladyveil and kerri about property (the actual domicile type not us subs & slaves)of all things. Eventually I headed back down and we tried to sort out how to serve some rather messy finger food when there was a distinct lack of napkins LOL. Eventually we sent two out with the trays of chicken and two of us following around with the napkins, I put that little escapade up to the two experienced people forgetting they had a four person team... hey it happens :D

Once we'd satiated peoples appetites with our meat balls (tasty), sausages (really tasty) and chipolata (looked nice, didn't get to taste) it was declared a break time; keep in mind we'd already been serving for two hours straight. So I went to find my Owner.

Who was pissing around on the top deck with her iPad. Which DOES sum up my Mistress. Sat in the middle of an elite BDSM party, sailing down the Thames, surrounded by all the sights of London... and she's surfing the Internet. LOL. Having said that with a little bit of whimpering and nuzzling she DID get out her battle fan and start whipping my ass. GOD DAMN that thing can hit hard. Her aim wasn't perfect but she's definitely improving.

And that was pretty much my night in a nutshell. I'd orbit for a few hours or more with various trays, stopping only to get some pictures taken of the maid team then trot off to find my Owner for some play during the downtime. Once it got dark I have to admit it got quite chilly on the top deck and most people went below in to the play area... 150 people in that area was quite a challenge to navigate with a tray.

The team quickly began to get used to my odd little way of doing things; if someone took a tray around the play area I'd take one up top (covers more ground) and meet somewhere in the middle. I was also spending a fair amount of time up there not only vaping away on my ecig but also as it was quiet and cool I figured "If someone's going to drop, they'll head up here" so I'd occasionally amble up to someone and ask if they were OK and did they need anything getting.

A few, it turned out did and I went off on various missions to get nibbles to help them perk up. I also had to run off to get another wine glass for a guest; turns out theirs had a crack in it and was leaking (downside of plastic).

By 1am I was pretty bushed, as I said to the others I couldn't understand why my feet were killing me so much as at o&I it's a solid 8 hour run with about the same amount of downtime; although o&I has us waiting tables as well so I'd actually say it CAN be even more hectic. We figured it was probably due to the setting, we were afloat and it's different sort of terrain to a normal club.

I talked to my Owner about what was going to happen when we docked up as it was expected all guests would disembark; this was in theory fine but had the problem that a) I had to stay behind and help clean up and b) neither myself or MzWhipplash had any idea where the car was parked. So in the end it was decided that MzWhipplash would stay behind and wait for me, I'd go flat-out on the clean up and then, hopefully, Mistress would have the car ready for our sore feet :)

As we waited for the guests to disembark I was surprised by the number of people who thanked both us as a team and myself individually. Everyone looked tired... but happy so I think they had a good night :) I also had a word with the others, wanted their feedback on my efforts (to quote my Owner I am "seeking to constantly improve my craft") and got VERY good feedback from them.

One quick whizz around the boat shoving everything in to black bags, emptying dip pots and wishing I'd put on gloves as my hands were covered in mayonnaise & ketchup I was ready to leave.

I was astounded to find Ishmael still stood by the exit and thanking me profusely for my efforts, I probably turned bright red at that point. Although I did refuse his hug and handshake as my hands were covered in stuff LOL.

With that out the way I helped MzWhipplash back up the pier and towards where my Owner would pick us up. Turns out she parked further than I thought she had (and her feet were sore so getting back took longer) so had a nice long chat with a good friend, both of us out of character. I was just buzzing and tripping balls so I'm sure I was just spouting gibberish LOL!

An awesome night, it was a pleasure to serve at The Boat 21 and I look forward to being a part of the team helping to make everyones night enjoyable at The Boat 22!

The Bad

As with every silver lining there is a cloud :( Fortunately this one was quite humorous as whilst I might be gaining a reputation for being there and doing stuff... MzWhipplash already has the reputation on the scene as a well known Dominant Sadist.

The Pro-Domme

I want to get this off my chest. At the party was a pro-Domme, she decided to 'strut' as not only did she have a captive audience but decided to pick on me. First of all she said my curtsies were "Shit" (her choice of words not mine), I pointed out that she wasn't my Owner. Wrong answer apparently and she wasn't going to give up until I curtsied for her; so I did. Despite my knakkered knee.

Later on that evening she stops mid-scene, points a paddle at me and demands I introduce her to my Owner. So I did. They were sat right behind me. Neither Mistress Christina or MzWhipplash were impressed with her and enjoyed watching her totally deflate.

She came back for more eventually and tried to accuse me of lying to my Owner. When it was clear I wasn't going to admit anything she tried do pull the old "So your owner was wrong". Basically I'm supposed to think of my Owner as a God and thus infallible. Mistress Christina has worked hard to remove that attitude.

She gave up and one of her subs leaned over and said "You can't get between her and another Domme when they're sparking like that" with a smug look on his face. So I went 'cruel eyes' and retorted "I bloody well could if I had my crop!" saw him go as white as a sheet, then spun on my heel and marched off. Sorry bub, I chose to give up being a Domme in return for my collar and pretty dresses... that doesn't mean I CAN'T do it if needs must.

Personally, I found my friends tale of watching this person visibly deflate seeing both the lovely women I serve sat there glaring at her more than made up for the annoyance she caused me.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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