Night of The Cane - November 2015

Night of The Cane represents the last event in the yearly cycle of The Firm organised happenings before we loop back to Burns Night in the new year (Burns Night, Detention, The Boat, Night of The Cane being the events). This one was somewhat unusual as we'd be moving the time from the traditional Saturday night to a Sunday afternoon going from 6pm through to Midnight, not a bad idea all-in-all as Saturday tends to be fairly crowded as far as possible 'things happening' for people to go to and it being a departure from the norm made a refreshing change.

Unlike the Club Subversion interpretation of 'The Boat' I'd be back in the domestic doing my usual routine of helping people with the stairs, keeping an eye on bags and making sure people were playing in a safe, sane and consensual manner and my other half would be doing her DJ thing with the twiddly nobs and blinky lights.

With it being a daytime event it meant we were pottering up to London a lot earlier which made for a nice change of pace as we weren't caught in any particular rush to get in/out of London nor the mad dash getting stuck in a jam usually caused. Just a sedate drive up the A3.

It was one of the easier 'get ins' I've done as pretty much everything went to plan, people arrived roughly when they said they would carrying the equipment they said they'd bring and between myself and the rest of The Firm members we soon had the downstairs of The Flying Dutchman looking to be a perfect classroom for our erstwhile charges to be taught lessons in, although all of us noted that it was fairly devoid of the usual trappings of BDSM related kit: spanking benches, crosses and such were usually floating about and apparently had been onsite not 24hrs before... it was rather handy that we didn't technically need them (although it would of been useful).

With a fairly good running order produced by Ish we all knew where we were supposed to be and between myself, Philippa and Angela (the other maid) we figured that it'd be best for me to be downstairs doing the assisting thing and floating upstairs as needed with her aiming to be pretty much upstairs, me being more mobile meant the stairs were less of a challenge and its been a similar argument I've made about The Boat.

Speaking of the stairs, The Flying Dutchman is fairly infamous in our circles for having a pretty vicious staircase. It's the nature of the beast and as a former public house it'd have a very short, sharp drop from the top to the basement as the only real thing going up & Down with any regularity would be barrels of beer and the occasional barmen to swap them over and purge the lines periodically. So it was quite a welcome surprise to find the vicious staircase had been replaced! True it was still steep but nowhere near enough as steep as previous times, it at least meant that I wouldn't have to help everybody just the few who were in particularly high heels or shaky on their legs.

Everything seemed to be going swimmingly for the most part, although I was quickly dropped in to keeping an eye on the downstairs cloakroom area (people were leaving coats, bags and such) which I think helped people relax and keep playing knowing their stuff was guarded.

In fact the only real times I wasn't hidden away looking after peoples bags and making sure I kept an eye on play (just in case something goes wrong) was when I had to hike up and help dish out steaming bowls of stew. Personally I didn't have any, not really my thing and I don't generally eat whilst working, but it seemed to go down rather well... I mean we literally emptied a full Norwigen and people were appearing wanting seconds and thirds so I'm going to take that as a good sign.

As people began to head upstairs to socialise more than play I started to spend more time floating between the two areas of the venue, it killed my knees but beyond that everything kept rolling and the guests seemed happy. Can't really do more than that now can I?

With the drive home looming my Owner started to wind things down, packing away the kit she could and I started doing likewise with The Firm's gear (it all comes & goes in the back of members cars & vans) and eventually it was just us lot on site so we we ended up chatting and hauling equipment and finally filtered out in to the night to start the long haul back to Hampshire.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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