Updates - Clubs - Venues and such.

Well it's time for another update. Somewhat ironic as I only just finished typing up and editing the post on The Boat 21.

July has already been a busy month and looks set to continue as such. I've already done The Boat and the London Adult Market, I've a bit of a break and then it's o & I followed by Pedestal.

Ishmael got in touch with me and not only am I welcome to maid at his events BUT I'll be doing Night of The Cane in November; this is in addition to Antichrist's post Holloween party and o & I (and if I'm right... Pedestal).

I've no photographs of The Boat despite several being taken, I'm currently chasing the guy around but it seems he was working for a magazine called DDI. Fair enough, they gave me his details and I'll see what happens.

Not heard of DDI but I wonder if it has more or less people reading it than Sabre Publishing's World of the Male Maid did? As I was featured in that (didn't consent to it mind you).

The BIG news for July as far as I'm concerned is that the mk2 Pink Sissy Maid uniform is nearing completion and should be ready for its first outing at Pedestal!

Sissy Maid Sarah

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