Where did they go?

Regular readers here at my blog (and I know I have at least one) may well be wondering: where have all the updates gone?

It's a fair question and one I feel I should answer: no, I'm not dead. The answer is far simpler than my own mortality; these events aren't happening any more or I'm not attending them for other reasons.

In 2016 I have not visited Pedestal once. I had planned to for my Birthday but circumstances meant only my partner went, I don't necessarily feel bad about this as by all accounts the July Pedestal was a repeat of the November 2015 one and frankly I found the behaviour of some people there odious and off putting.

I certainly have no intention of ever going to Eureka, I am not a swinger why would I go to a swingers club? Nor am I ever going to attend no&Why again, I do not go where I am not wanted; although a little dickie bird has told me that my replacement broke after 2 events and hasn't been seen since & now 6 people are doing the work I solo'd and they aren't doing it as well. Good Luck; Have Fun.

Devotion is a yearly event for the two of us and whilst I could, in theory, jump on a train and book a hotel for myself... I'd prefer to go with my partner unless it's a paying gig (as it isn't and never would be enough said) and whilst the two of us have talked about making more trips up in 2017... this is not 2017.

HoWL/ClubFEM have closed, we weren't getting the ticket sales to cover venue hire and I covered my thoughts on that elsewhere so no need to really repeat myself. It might come back but we have no plans, firm or otherwise, to do so.

Detention, the normal 'post-Burns Night' event run by The Firm didn't happen this year. No event, no need for me and thus no blog entry.

The 'Private Parties' I used to run the kitchen of have died a death and did so shortly after I took a break from the scene, whilst I can't and won't speculate on the reasons I do know that one final party took place and that was the end of that.

Steam, an event The Firm were looking to run post The Boat was cancelled due to a lack of pre-sales to cover venue hire. A pity as a Steampunk S&M fusion event really sounded interesting.

Nothing for the London Fetish Week happened that I was involved in, so much like Steam: no event I'm participating in, no blog entry.

And if you think about it that constitutes pretty much the majority of the stuff I'd have written about on this blog over the years, which explains why I've been outputting very little to it. I'd love to find something else to write about and whilst I've some ideas what I should write I'm not totally sure how to write it; suffice to say it won't be "look at these knickers" sort of stuff. Well maybe one... just to be annoying.

Actually I just went hunting for one to queue up and couldn't bring myself to event cut & paste it. So scrap that.

Sissy Maid Sarah

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